Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a great survival map with several built-in survival challenges. You will start out on the surface of a planet which include just one house but with a lot of trees and other areas to explore both on the surface and in the core of the planet. Once you’ve built a stable society it’s time to explore the space beyond and use whatever resources you come across.

Creator: Helpjump376

The secret island is very far from the main planet. That’s why you need to collect lots of resources before being able to go there. But once you do get there you will find hidden treasures and even some animals which you probably can find some use for.


Monster Factory

Monster Factory is a survival minigame for up to 16 players. There are six different monster waves to complete. Around the map you will find several hidden things which you explorers out there can try to find. It’s a really fun survival challenge to play together with friends. It’s probably possible to do it on your own too but then you probably need to “cheat” to get some better gear.

Creator: Luma

Once you’ve spawned in the world you will find some chests. Open the a chest to find a kit containing gear, weapons and food. There are enough chests to support 16 players. Scattered around the the factory are hidden secrets, so feel to explore that before entering the monster factory.

In total there are six monster waves. Each one can be enabled by using levers which can be found in bottom floor of the factory.


Desert Dungeon

In this map your quest is to travel to an ancient desert dungeon and try to steal some precious treasures. You will have to travel by foot to the desert dungeon and fight your way through a swarm of monsters before you can steal the treasures and take off. Let’s see if you have what it takes to complete this mission.

Creator: Luma

Once you’ve spawned take the items found in the chests and equip the gear. A little farther away out in the desert there is a big desert dungeon. Follow the pathway in the sand to find it.

The objective is to get to the top of the structure and steal the treasures. Inside the temple there will be plenty of guarding monsters which you might fight off before being able to get to the top.

For your safety, try to destroy the monster spawners otherwise there is a risk you will get killed on your way out of the dungeon.


Fallout PE (Modded Map)

Fallout PE is based on the first Fallout PE map we wrote about a while back. Back then it was just an open world survival map with no real quests or things to explore. In this map you will be able to experience a much bigger world and it also includes a mod to make the survival experience even more enjoyable with some custom features such as weapons, quests and other items you would expect in an apocalyptic world.

As you start out in the world there’s not much of an indication to understand what caused the apocalypse. But in your continued adventure you will come across mysteries which might hint some of the reasons.

Creator: NEGI, Twitter Account

As this is an open world survival map you aren’t forced to walk a certain path or begin with a certain quest. But most of the quests has been structured in a way to make your survival easier and find out more about the apocalypse.

When first spawning in the world you are exposed to radiation (which is indicated by a red text in the center of the screen) and you will be moving much slower. Find a protective suit (also known as a chain armor) to wear to protect yourself from the dangerous radiation.

Use the quests to explore the world. There are lots of things to explore and many hidden secrets to find out about.

All items/blocks can be found in-game in the map.


Hobbit House

Hobbit houses must be the cutest type of house designs existing and that’s precisely what you will find in this map. This is a survival world which the creator is using for his own adventures in Minecraft. Even though it’s built on very little space the details are overwhelming (in a good way). The house is built just in front of a river and there’s even a small dock at the house for boats.

Surrounding the hobbit house is lots of farmland which is used for growing wheat and different types of vegetables. If you are looking for an adventure in an environment reminding you of The Shire in the Lord of the Rings, then use this house as your starting point in your next adventures to come.

Creator: DhenJoshua, Twitter Account


6×6 Sky Islands

6×6 Sky Islands is a map which consists of at least seven different types of 6×6 floating islands. Each island has its own theme and biome. For example, on one island you will find a snow biome and another looks like the Nether. The map is based on the popular Skyblock map but the difference is that in this map there are multiple islands which you can explore.

Creator: iTipo


Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest is a survival challenge where you first will spawn high up in the sky on one of the islands. From there you have to gather resources and survive to one day find a way over to the other islands and collect their resources.

On each island there are quests which you can complete. The quests help guide you in your gameplay for a longer chance of surviving. It’s definitely a fun map which can bring many hours of fun. It’s especially recommended to play together with friends.

Creators: BaconCake, embryo


World in a Jar PE

World in a Jar is an old school map originally created for Minecraft on PC which now has been ported to Minecraft PE. Once you’ve loaded up the world you will find yourself locked up inside a glass jar. If it wasn’t because of the jar the world would be quite ordinary as you can find everything from dirt blocks to growing trees in the jar.

Ported by: SteikeyOriginal creator: GTawesomesauce

The challenge is to survive as good as you can and try to progress out in the remaining world to connect your jar with the other jars and take advantage of their resources such as animals and their different biomes.


SOS Stranded Ocean

In this map you will play as one of the survivors of a plane crash. The plane crashed down in the ocean but luckily a little further ahead an island appears before your eyes.

As you progress in the map you will find mysterious things such as a deserted village which you will have to scavage for food. It’s no end goal but instead more of a freeroaming map where you set your own goals and try to survive as best you can.

Creator: Ronnie508

You’ve just waken up and soon you realize that your airplane has crashed out in the ocean, you don’t really know where you are. A bit further a way you can see an island, a deserted island it appears. As you struggle around on the airplane you look for other survivors, but can’t find anyone (unless you play it with a friend!).


The Grid PE

The Grid PE is a hardcore survival map where the challenge is to survive in a structure split up in 21 floors. Each floor is made out of one type of block, such as grass, dirt, stone and diamond ores. In the very bottom you will find what appears to be a small version of the Nether.

As you progress further down into the different floor levels you will find chests containing materials which you can use to make a more sustainable world around you. It’s a tough challenge but fun.

Creator: ElCreeper102