Sarah’s Curse (Horror!)

Sarah’s Curse is an adventure map in which you will find yourself in an old mine and have to find a way out and escape. Blood on the floor, cobweb on the walls and jumpscares when you least expect them. There is really no way around the fact that the atmosphere is extremely creepy. Anyone with a sense of primal survival will get scared, that’s for sure.

Creator: FuriousGamer, TeenWolf460, Destroyer99
Helpers: TANUITGM, Emerald60, CaptainRoo

You slowly wake up and soon come to realize that you are in an old, creepy mine. You’ve no idea what you are doing here or how you got here. There is blood on the floor and something clearly went horribly wrong here. You can hear someone’s coming.. can you escape?

Recommended Texture Pack: Faithful PE

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