GTA San Andreas

This is a ported map from PC which is a replica of San Andreas in Minecraft. It’s only the center of Los Santos which appears to have made its way into the creation as other parts of the city is non-existent.

The creation is spot on and resembles just the way it looks in San Andreas. As an old GTA player it was surely a nostalgic trip which we are sure anyone with the slightest familarity with the game will enjoy!

Creator: Unknown (this is an old port)

Here is Grove Street with Carl Johnson’s house and garage on the left.

Big Smoke (you know, the overweight and crazy guy always talking about food) lives in this house next door to Carl’s.

Ganton Gym, a popular hangout for gangsters.

A couple of typical apartment complex blocks.

Cluckin’ Bell and their funny jingle: Cock a doodle doo it’s time for chickin’! Cock a doodle doo it’s time for a feast! Eat a 90 piece bucket you can tell.. he’s been to Cluckin’ Bell!

The stadium!

Vagos hangout.


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