Sunken Island

In this map you will find yourself shipwrecked and not far from your wrecked ship you will see a big island. Surrounding the island is like a massive wall of water making it appear as if the island is sunken. As you find your way to the island and explore the island you will find hidden secrets and come across things which should make you think that there has been someone already there before you.

There is no specific rules or objectives in the map. Our recommendation is to use it as a survival island for a survival gameplay.

Creator: grendergame

(The name of the map in-game is blank. Meaning, it got no name when you look in your list of worlds. So look for a name with no name. It’s probably found in the bottom of the list.)


Dungeon Death

This is a multiplayer map requiring several team members (at least two). Each team member will be setup with his own task and will have to base his next decisions on that.

It’s a fun survival map where the players work together to fight mobs and destroy the mob spawners to win the battle.

Creator: erge1030

Get everyone in your group to pick a class each. Each class should grab the gear that’s find in the chest at spawn.

Explain to each team member what their type of character class is supposed to do:

Break the glass at spawn to get to the mob arena and start trying to destroy all the mob spawners to win the battle and take out all mobs.

Make sure to keep each of your classes’ objectives in mind and focus on teamwork.


The Path of the Ninja

The Path of the Ninja is primarily an adventure map and where survival is the key to completion of the map. In the map you are a ninja who is chosen to help save the world from evil. It got a nice storyline which exists throughout the entire map to make sure you are never left clueless.

Creator: wolfman4343

Since birth have you been trained to become a Master Ninja. Most recently your teacher told you that you are one of the chosen ones called a Master Crafter who is destined to help save the world from evil.

To complete the task you need to fight your way through an evil mob army and its leader who previously was a Master Crafter but decided to use his powers for evil.

It’s your task to stop the evil crafter along with his army.


Camelot PE

This map consists of a small town which got a surrounding wall protecting the inside. On the inside you will find several houses both homes of the ones living in the town but also some shops. The centered focus in the town is the castle which are several stories high and got a beautiful interior to explore.

Close to the town is also like a small harbor where a ship has anchored.

Creator: DiamondCrossbow


Multiple Skyblocks

Skyblock is a type of gameplay where the player has to sharpen his mind to survive the ultimate challenge of surviving on a small chunk of land far up in the sky.

In this particular map you will spawn on one out of three skyblock islands. The only materials which you will be given is what you find in the chest on the floating island as well as the resources found on the skyblock such as trees and cobblestone.

The ultimate mission is to survive as long as you can and ultimately explore the entire universe, or at least the two other skyblocks located close to the first skyblock you will spawn on.

Creator: Fabbek


Ring of Fire PE

The Ring of Fire is a survival map where you have to use whatever resources you find on the circular land. One of the ultimate challenges is to create a bridge and explore The Nether (hence its name) which is located in the center of the ring.

Besides that there are also a couple of other challenges you must complete before completing the map.

Creator: ElCreeper102


Survival In A Chest PE

In this map you will spawn on what appears to be a large chest floating high up above ground similar to a skyblock map. The chest holds all the material you need (if used correctly) to survive. Either use the challenges below or create your own ones to survive in this rather odd world where the chest appears to be the center of the universe.


King of the Ladder 2

King of the Ladder 2 is the second map in the series of maps where players compete against each other by running towards the middle where there is a ladder they have to climb to the top and that’s where they ultimately challenge each others in a fight. If you haven’t checked out the first map yet, look here.

In the top platform where the battle takes place there is also a chest you can scavange for gear such as a diamond sword which probably can come handy.

Recommended for 2-8 players.

Creator: user703


Abandoned Project

The Abandoned Project is a survival map strictly made by hand. It features many challenges which you are to challenge yourself in. Jump from block to block to burning yourself in the lava, swim through tunnels of water and climb high walls are just a few of the dangerous things you’ll have to do in order to finish the map.


Suddenly you wake up. You turn around to your left and right to try and understand what you are doing sleeping underneath a tree crown in Bedrock Glowstone Biome. For a long while you sit at the spot where you were sleeping but you can’t recall how you got there.

Instead you decide to go for a walk and what you find next is a little house. Next you decide to approach it, peeking inside the windows, but you can’t see anything. You knock on the door a few times and after what feels like forever finally an old man whose name apparently is Ben (which you learn later) opens.

Ben explains to you that you must finish the challenges given to him by the Scientist, only then will he help you escape. You settle on the agreement and start..

Creator: GhostXCraft


Multi Prism

Imagine a cubed universe where each biome is its own cube and within each you are faced with a problem to solve. The common problem in all the cubes is to survive and the only things you are given access to are the things which you find inside the cube or the things which you manage to create and craft on your own.

Each cube is setup in a natural looking way to still make it feel as if you were in a normal world of Minecraft. Once you are done with one cube, you will move onto the next on. The concept is simple but fun and new!

Creators: McStenigma & StrateSurf