Desert Dungeon

In this map your quest is to travel to an ancient desert dungeon and try to steal some precious treasures. You will have to travel by foot to the desert dungeon and fight your way through a swarm of monsters before you can steal the treasures and take off. Let’s see if you have what it takes to complete this mission.

Creator: Luma

Once you’ve spawned take the items found in the chests and equip the gear. A little farther away out in the desert there is a big desert dungeon. Follow the pathway in the sand to find it.

The objective is to get to the top of the structure and steal the treasures. Inside the temple there will be plenty of guarding monsters which you might fight off before being able to get to the top.

For your safety, try to destroy the monster spawners otherwise there is a risk you will get killed on your way out of the dungeon.


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