15 Redstone & Slime Creations

This map features 15 different redstone and slime creations. The majority of the creations are ones which I haven’t seen showcased in any other redstone map before. Learn everything from how to build mobile TNT missiles to arrange decorative light shows.

Creator: Ima_Hot_Dog

Christmas is getting closer and it’s getting time to start decorate your Minecraft creations. This redstone creation is perfect for that as it provides you an example of how to create a beautiful light show just by the use of some repeaters, observers and redstone lamps.

This TNT cannon can be used for blasting yourself up into the sky. Make sure to play in creative mode otherwise there’s a great risk that you will die.

Do you need to hide something in your home but don’t want to make it too obvious with an iron door? This creation looks very much just like an ordinary fireplace. But if you pull the lever it will open and you can enter through it.

Slime elevators are much more user-friendly than ladders. Just press a button to get to the top.

The slime missiles are probably my favorites. There will be signs explaining which block to remove in order to get them to move. As soon as they hit a wall a TNT block will be ignited and explode.

There are a couple of more creations to be explored. But those I’ll leave for you to discover by yourself!


Working Huge Furnace

This redstone creation works just the same as an ordinary furnace except that it’s at least hundred times bigger and entirely powered by different types of redstone mechanisms. You can insert anything from iron ores to raw fish and get back cooked fish or iron ingots. This map is really cool just to try out but it can also be used to educate yourself on redstone.

Creator: TalMelamed, Twitter Account

The furnace works much similar to a small furnace. It has two inputs for fuel and raw materials and one output for smelted items.

Begin by dropping some fuel (e.g. coal) in the hoppers. Then find the other hoppers for the secondary input (food/ores) and drop the items which you want to smelt there.

As soon as that’s done the furnace will start working. You can see if it’s actively working by checking if the fire is on (redstone lamps turned on) in the bottom of the structure.

You can collect the smelted/cooked items in the center of the structure. The chest is only visible if there are any items available in the chest. It will automatically be hidden again if it’s empty.

You can see the inside of the furnace by looking at the back of the furnace. It’s covered by a glass but it’s easy to break if you want to have a closer look inside.

It’s a really cool creation which works just the same as an ordinary furnace. It’s most definitely worth a try if you like clever machines!



DarkLegends is a really cool and secure base which is entirely powered by redstone. There are tons of redstone functionalities to explore within the base. Everything from automated doors to advance machines like an automated potion brewing system and a really easy-to-use wardrobe. And since it’s built in an ordinary world it’s perfect to use for your next survival adventure!

Creator: Az928

This is what the base looks like from the outside. It’s built into a mountain.

The base has a room for each need. Here you can see the bedroom. Have a piece of cake before a good night of sleep.

The automated brewery system is perfect for anyone who want to make their own potions.

Some parts of the base are hidden away and can only be found by pressing certain buttons. If you do find your way down into the basement then you can access the Nether from there.

I found a hidden chest room while exploring the map. I am sure there are more rooms like it to explore.

This wardrobe is probably one of the most useful machines. Just step on the pressure plates to automatically equip the items.

Outside the base you will find a mine. A clever machine in there will help transport items from the mine to the base.


Display Board

This map consists of one large display board which uses redstone mechanisms to display preset numbers (1-9) and letters (A-Z). Even though it’s not that many things you can use it for it’s still incredible as it creates an idea of things which you can build using redstone. If you are a redstone novice then have a look at this map and try to get a better understanding of how it was created.

Creator: ewanhowell5195

There are 35 preset letters and numbers which you can activate by pulling one of the levers. Once the lever has been pulled it should quite soon display the number, or in this case the letter ‘M’, on the display board.

Use the levers on the other side of the room to display your own pattern. And if you want to go all geeky you can even create your own preset pattern by entering the backend of the machine.


15 Useful Redstone Creations

This map showcases a selection of 15 redstone creations. They all serve a different purpose but each of them can definitely be added to most worlds to increase the general usefulness of your worlds. Some of the creations you’ve most likely already seen before but it doesn’t make them less useful, right? Let us know in the comments if you found out a clever way to use any of them in your own worlds!

Creator: ShAdOwFuRy016

Here’s an automatic staircase which is enabled by using a lever. You can use this structure to lock areas to allow only certain people to access it.

This creation is perfect for hiding secret rooms, e.g. where you keep your valuable goods. To open the room use the lever.

This might not be the most advanced creation but it’s nonetheless very useful. Use the buttons to add ingredients.

The redstone machines in this map are fairly common. But they are very useful, even if you might know about some of them already.


Super Mansion

The Super Mansion is a modern home which features lots of redstone creations. For example, the entrance of the house requires a secret passcode to enter. There are several hidden storage rooms all throughout the mansion. Basically everything which can be used for something requires some type of redstone mechanism to be enabled and accessed.

Creator: SswizZGaymer

The spawn on top of a large mountain. Not far from spawn you should be able to see a village. Go to the village and past it to reach the mansion. All signs are in Spanish or Portuguese. But just read down below to learn how to enter the mansion and some other stuff.

At the entrance of the mansion there is a chest on the left. Take the notes from the chest and drop 2 notes at the right corner of the entrance to open the iron doors. Once you are inside most of the things are quite easy to understand, even if you don’t understand the sign explainations.

The bottom floor consists of one large living room with couches, a table and a fireplace. The fireplace is more than just a fireplace. Press the button on the left side to be able to enter a storage room.

The second floor connects multiple rooms which can be accessed by normal doors and also hidden passages. There are also a bunch of automatic armor wardrobes.

Access the Nether through the mouth of a creeper.

The master bedroom consists of a large bed and a flat screen TV.

A secret stable to keep all your animals safe.

There are lots more to explore than this but we’ll leave that for you to explore by yourself!


Magic 8-Ball

This map brings the Magic 8-Ball to Minecraft Pocket Edition. An 8-ball is a device which is used for fortune-telling and getting advice on things. Its primarily something just to use for fun as the accuracy of the answers cannot be entirely relied upon. Though it did give us the correct answer for one question which is kind of impressive.

Creator: TorchWhisperer, Twitter Account

Press the button in the center of the spawn and wait for the minecart to appear. Take the minecart to the Magic 8-Ball lobby. Grab the map from the chest and then walk into the larger room. In that room you will find two pressure plates.

Stand on the green pressure plate to receive a fortune.

Reset the sign by stepping on the red pressure plate. Stand on the green pressure plate to receive a new fortune.


Advanced Redstone Mansion

This map features an amazing mansion which is fully powered by redstone. Before entering it you will need to bypass the lava door by deactivating with a passcode. Inside the mansion you will find more than 30 different redstone powered systems including everything from an automatic stove to automatic farms and smart decorations.

Creator: blueboy, Twitter Account

Cook some raw meat on the stove and have it automatically placed in the chest on the right.

Like showering in hot water? Have the hottest shower of your life (and probably the last one too).

Always dreamt of your own walk-in closet? Here’s an entire room dedicated as a wardrobe. It even has its own toilets and jacuzzi.

Here’s a beautiful waterwall which can be switched on and off by the use of a button.

Feeling hungry? Open the fridge and receive a random food item to eat.

Being a miner can be a tiresome occupation. You need somewhere to relax and that’s what this amazing pool area can do for you. Lay down in one of the sunbeds or take a swim in the swimming pool.

Go for a vacation to the Nether. If it wasn’t for the evil creatures who live there the Nether could have been a paradise (in hell).

On the inside of the mansion there is a large automatic farming area. Here you can automatically harvest crops and have them automatically sorted in chests.

There is also an egg farm and a meat and leather farm.

The mansion is nicely situated on the shoreline. It has its own fishing area and is just a great base to use in your next survival adventures.