BeatBox64 is a really fun map interested for anyone who enjoy music or just enjoy the sight of advanced redstone creations. When first entering the world you will be able to turn on an amazingly good beatboxing song which plays on repeat. But the best thing is that you can tune the song just the wayyou want it simply by toggling levers 512 differently tuned noteblocks.

Creator: TorchWhisperer, Twitter Account

A while back the same creator released his first beatboxing map (originally known as BeatBox) and back then we recorded a video of the map. BeatBox64 uses the same functionality but is much more complex and user-friendly


Redstone Calculator

This is a fully functional redstone calculator which can perform the basic process of addition on two numbers and then printing the result on a screen made out of wooden blocks and glowstones. It’s a great map to demonstrate the possibilities redstone provide in the latest version (0.13.0) of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Creator: mrdiamondblock, Twitter Account

At this point the calculator can only use addition but in the future it will be able to use subtraction and multiplication as well. By default it starts from zero.

Walk up to the the numeric keypad and select the first number. In this example we selected number 9.

Find the plus button and press it. Then return to the numeric keypad and select the second number. In this example we chose number 8.

Wait a few seconds for the redstone structure to process the numbers and have them displayed on the screen display (glowstones). And as you can see the result was 17 which is very much true.

Here’s an overview of the entire calculator. Looks pretty advanced, don’t you think?



Tic-Tac-Toe is a minigame where two players take turns marking empty spaces in a 3×3 grid and whenever one of the players manage to get their marks in a row that player wins. The game is quite simple but it requires a much more complex redstone structure than you’d probably imagine.

Creator: maher++, Twitter Account

Tic-Tac-Toe requires two players, no more or no less. When each player has entered his control room the player should pull down the lever at the door to indicate when he’s ready. On the wall in the control room there is 9 levers. Take turns toggling the levers to select your marks on the board.

The player who succeeds in placing three three marks in either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row wins.

Recommended Settings: 0% brightness

It’s a quite advanced structures as you can see.


TNT Machines

TNT Machines is a map which brings three machines powered by redstone to the world of Minecraft. Each of the machines somehow relate to TNT. The machines include a cannon which can fire TNTs, a launcher pad which can catapult the player up into the sky and a TNT tree trap prank machine.

Before being able to use the TNT cannon there will be a couple of signs in the machine which you have to replace with redstones. After that’s done press one of the buttons in the machine to fire the cannon.

To reload the cannon replace the five TNT blocks and then press one of the buttons to fire it again.

This machine can only be used while in creative mode. Basically it’s a rocket launch pad but instead of launching a rocket it’s intended to launch yourself up into the sky.

Stand on the obsidian block in the center and then press the button. Wait for the TNT blocks to blink six times and then start jumping to get an extra jump boost effect.

You can reload the TNT launcher by simply replacing the TNT blocks.

TNT and redstone can be used for many different things and one of those things are traps. Here’s a trap which will be ignited once the bottom block of the tree is destroyed. It’s the perfect trap to prank your friends with.

This trap can only be used one time. Study it carefully before setting it off, otherwise you will have to install the map all over again to see how it’s built.

Got some suggestions of TNT machines which are possible to create with the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition? Let us know in the comments!


BeatBox (Drum & Bass)

BeatBox (Drum & Bass) is a redstone powered beatboxing map. It comes with a preset song which plays on repeat. It can be customized using levers which are connected to 128 different noteblocks. Before entering the actual beatboxing room there’s a thorough tutorial taking you through all the steps required to understand how it works in its entirety.

Creator: TorchWhisperer


Lost Woods Theme Song (Zelda) – Roller Coaster

Lost Woods Theme (also known as Saria’s Song) is a common theme song in the Zelda video games. It’s a background song which usually play when Link is traveling in forests and alike. This is a map for Minecraft Pocket Edition which lets you go on a roller coaster ride while the theme is being played by the use of redstone and note blocks.

Creator: wolfman4343

As this map is a song made by the use of  redstone and note blocks words aren’t the best way to describe the map. That’s why we put together this short video where we sit through the entire roller coaster ride and listen to the song.

Please understand we weren’t able to use any high-end sound equipment to record the song so the sound isn’t the best but you should definitely be able to hear something.

Here’s the real theme song. As you will hear, it’s not exactly the same but it’s really similar!


Song of Storms (Zelda) – Roller Coaster

The Song of Storms is a recurring song in the Legend of Zelda video games. Link was taught the song by a Guru-Guru and whenever he plays it rain will be summoned.  If you’ve played any of the Zelda games it’s highly likely you will recognize the sound of this song.

This map only features a song and nothing else. It’s primarily a map made for Zelda fans or people who want to learn more how redstone works in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Creator: wolfman4343

Here’s a short video of the song recorded in Minecraft Pocket Edition. We tested it on version 0.13 where there’s redstone, but not yet any repeaters, which explains why the musical notes isn’t timed perfectly. Perhaps we’ll see an update of the map when repeaters can be used to make it flow better.

If you haven’t heard the original song yet then go ahead and listen to it here.


Redstone Vending Machine

The vending machine lets you pick from four different animals and once you press to the go button the machine will “process” the animals for you and give you whatever loot they drop.

This map requires Byteandahalf’s PocketPower mod for Android so make sure to have that installed before launching the map.

Creator: Rex, Twitter Account

Take a look and see what kind of food you want.

Use the levers on the vending machine to pick and then press the “GO!” button.

After about 30 seconds your food will be delivered. In this case we got a raw porkchop and some leather.

It’s a high technology machine which on the outside might not look so advanced, but if you take a peek inside you can see that the processing is harder than what the outside tells you.


Working Brewing Stand

The brewing stand is a block in Minecraft which can be used for brewing potions. You can then consume the potions to gain temporary powers such as increased strength or agility. This is a redstone map which recreates the block on a much bigger scale. And since it’s entirely powered by redstone you can actually use it to brew potions!

Creator: TalMelamed, Twitter AccountUpdated: 19 December, 2016 (read changelog)

You can get the brewing ingredients from the chests. Drop the ingredients in the hoppers to add the ingredients to start brewing the items.

Once you’ve added the ingredients and something to power the brewing stand (e.g. blaze powder) then it will start working by itself.

However, to retrieve the items it looks like you need to press the “Click to finish!” button as this will complete the process.

As soon as that is done you can retrieve the finished items from the chests which open up at the bottom of the structure.

You can examine the way the structure has been built by going around the structure. There you will find a big opening which you can enter through and look at the redstone.

This is what the brewing stand structure looks like from afar. As you can see, it is a brewing stand on top of a birch wood block.


Tic-Tac-Toe (You vs Computer!)

Tic-tac-toe is a game where you take turns marking spaces in a 3×3 grid. To win you have to successfully place three of your markers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. In this map you will play against a machine which is entirely powered by redstone! I played two times and both times was a draw. It really speaks to the intelligence of the thing!

Creator: devans2048

Find the room as seen in the image down below. There you will find some buttons on the floor, a couple of redstone lamps and a lever. Before you begin make sure to pull up the lever (marked red in the image) before selecting your first marker in the grid.

After you’ve selected a marker (X) it will take severals seconds (in my case around 15 seconds) for the computer (O) to make its choice. You don’t need to press any button for the computer to start. It acts automatically.

Continue until there are no spaces left in the grid. Look at the redstone lamp to see the result. In this case it got to a draw!

To play again pull down the lever, wait a few seconds and then pull it up again.