DarkLegends is a really cool and secure base which is entirely powered by redstone. There are tons of redstone functionalities to explore within the base. Everything from automated doors to advance machines like an automated potion brewing system and a really easy-to-use wardrobe. And since it’s built in an ordinary world it’s perfect to use for your next survival adventure!

Creator: Az928

This is what the base looks like from the outside. It’s built into a mountain.

The base has a room for each need. Here you can see the bedroom. Have a piece of cake before a good night of sleep.

The automated brewery system is perfect for anyone who want to make their own potions.

Some parts of the base are hidden away and can only be found by pressing certain buttons. If you do find your way down into the basement then you can access the Nether from there.

I found a hidden chest room while exploring the map. I am sure there are more rooms like it to explore.

This wardrobe is probably one of the most useful machines. Just step on the pressure plates to automatically equip the items.

Outside the base you will find a mine. A clever machine in there will help transport items from the mine to the base.


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