Advanced Redstone Mansion

This map features an amazing mansion which is fully powered by redstone. Before entering it you will need to bypass the lava door by deactivating with a passcode. Inside the mansion you will find more than 30 different redstone powered systems including everything from an automatic stove to automatic farms and smart decorations.

Creator: blueboy, Twitter Account

Cook some raw meat on the stove and have it automatically placed in the chest on the right.

Like showering in hot water? Have the hottest shower of your life (and probably the last one too).

Always dreamt of your own walk-in closet? Here’s an entire room dedicated as a wardrobe. It even has its own toilets and jacuzzi.

Here’s a beautiful waterwall which can be switched on and off by the use of a button.

Feeling hungry? Open the fridge and receive a random food item to eat.

Being a miner can be a tiresome occupation. You need somewhere to relax and that’s what this amazing pool area can do for you. Lay down in one of the sunbeds or take a swim in the swimming pool.

Go for a vacation to the Nether. If it wasn’t for the evil creatures who live there the Nether could have been a paradise (in hell).

On the inside of the mansion there is a large automatic farming area. Here you can automatically harvest crops and have them automatically sorted in chests.

There is also an egg farm and a meat and leather farm.

The mansion is nicely situated on the shoreline. It has its own fishing area and is just a great base to use in your next survival adventures.


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