Auxiliary is the long away sequel to Genisys which by the way is another highly recommended map to those of you who haven’t played it already. The story picks up where it was last left off and takes you on a new adventure where you attempt to escape the genius mind of an artificial super intelligence called IRIS.

Creator: MatPatCatUpdated: 19 June, 2017 (read changelog)

You’ve escaped from IRIS – at least you thought so until very recently. IRIS looks to has captured you again and this time you will be sent through another set of twisted experiments. But this time you remember IRIS and you immediately attempt to escape.


Mini Magic: Night Star

This is a fantasy adventure map where you play as character who for months have been training to reach the highest level of Magician and today is your final test. Even though it’s a fairly short map it includes a multitude of exciting challenges ranging everywhere from mob battles to parkour. The storyline is also pretty good and that definitely adds to the experience.

Creator: Allswal

You’ve been in training for years to reach the highest level of Magician called Mini Magician. Yesterday you finally completed the exams and went to bed wondering how you did. However, when you wake up you have a note in front of you which explains the situation. “This is the final test. If you want to be a Mega Magician, you must infiltrate the Lavonic Fortress and retrieve the Night Star before the Witharo figures out how to use it!



This is a survival map mixed with an adventure which starts off on a ship at sea. You’ve been sent by your king to go out on the ocean and discover a legendary island. Alone and tired you finally go to bed but you don’t get much sleep before you’re woken up by an awful noise. A few moments later your ship is wrecked and you find yourself stranded on a tropical island.

Creator: ShadyPE, Twitter Account

Christopher is a young explorer who was recruited by the King to discover a legendary island. Nobody really knows where it is except that it’s somewhere in the middle of the ocean. On 23 March, 1882, Christopher went to sea.


Survival++ Adventure

This map takes place on an abandoned island where you play as a character who have been shipwrecked there and have to find whatever ways you can to survive. There are structures left on the island but there are no people to house them. All of it is like a huge mystery but an answer to it can not be certain.

You were out sailing and one day all hell broke loose on the sea.

Map by: Skyriad
Map ported by: Hyphona

You’ve been out for months sailing the seas and exploring the world but one day all hell broke loose. A raging storm destroyed your ship and soon you find yourself floating on some broken pieces of wood in the middle of the ocean. Luckily you notice something in the far distance stretching above the horizon. An island.. you’re saved!


Uncaged II (Horror!)

You’ve been sent as an investigator to find out what happened to a friend of yours at a mysterious house in the woods. Strange sounds have been heard coming from the house but no one have had the courage to investigate it further. Find a way to the house and investigate the situation. Just keep in mind that behind anything there might be a more complex truth. That might sound like a riddle, but it might also help prepare you in some way.

Creator: Sopasman

This is the sequel of The Uncaged. If you haven’t played that one yet then I highly recommend that you do that first.


The Uncaged (Escape)

One day you wake up and for unknown reasons find yourself stuck inside a strange house. It’s completely quiet and there are just few candles lighting the way. It’s really a mystery how you got there but one thing is for certain and that is that you must find a way out of this mysterious house. The Uncaged is a short adventure map taking place in a creepy environment with a couple of jumpscares.

Creator: Sopasman


See You (Short Horror)

See You is a short horror experience taking place in the middle of the night inside your character’s house. Either you are just having a terrible nightmare or you are part of some really horrific experiences. The total amount of gameplay is considered very short since it took no more than 5 minutes to get to the end. I really hope we’ll see something more expansive in the future.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZ, Twitter Account


Hospital (Horror!)

You wake up and find yourself in a hospital, but it’s soon clear that it’s not an ordinary hospital. The lights are almost completely out and it’s barely possible to see anything. But don’t worry, there’s a night vision camera in one of the chests to help you see better. But the question is, do you really want to see see the things around you? It’s going to be scary, I promise you. Jump scares are inevitable!

Creator: Piekabee

It’s quite dark all throughout the map. If you don’t like the dark then find the camera in a chest and use it to easier navigate around the hospital and find a way out. You can use the camera simply by tapping with it on the ground. There is a limited battery length for each camera so make sure to use them sparingly.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything else.

The camera user interface (battery icon, REC text) will only be visible for smaller devices. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t really have any use so it doesn’t matter. On tablets you might only see the green area.


Late At Night (Horror)

Late At Night is a quite scary adventure map which takes place in a dark house. The lights are out and it’s your job to find a way down to the basement and repair the generator which supplies the electricity. To make things a little bit easier you’ve got a night vision camera which you can use to see in the dark, but it has a limited supply of battery so you have to use it sparingly. There are multiple jumpscares in the map so be prepared to be surprised!

Creator: Piekabee

The first objective is to find the night vision camera. Once you’ve found it you can use it simply by tapping with it on the ground. But since it runs on a limited amount of battery you have to make sure to use it carefully.

Hopefully that’s enough information for you to get started in the map.

The graphical user interface for the camera might only work for smaller phones. On tablets you might only see the green area.


Sarah’s Curse (Horror!)

Sarah’s Curse is an adventure map in which you will find yourself in an old mine and have to find a way out and escape. Blood on the floor, cobweb on the walls and jumpscares when you least expect them. There is really no way around the fact that the atmosphere is extremely creepy. Anyone with a sense of primal survival will get scared, that’s for sure.

Creator: FuriousGamer, TeenWolf460, Destroyer99
Helpers: TANUITGM, Emerald60, CaptainRoo

You slowly wake up and soon come to realize that you are in an old, creepy mine. You’ve no idea what you are doing here or how you got here. There is blood on the floor and something clearly went horribly wrong here. You can hear someone’s coming.. can you escape?

Recommended Texture Pack: Faithful PE

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