The Story of Eregath

The Story of Eregath is a 25-40 minutes long adventure map with a consistent and interesting storyline which conserves the eagerness of wanting to continue further into the map. The key figure in the story is Herobrine. An ancient evil creature which want to destroy the village of Eregath. Luckily you are a brave knight who is already on the lookout for your next challenging adventure.

If you enjoyed this map you are likely going to enjoy The Relic of Riverwood too as it’s the same map creator. Both of the maps have a similar building style and the way the stories are embedded in the map is similar too. Both are definitely two great adventures worth playing if you like RPG styled adventures.

Creator: InterceptorXD, Twitter Account


Mined Prison: Secret Service (Chapter 3)

Mined Prison is a popular adventure map series where in each map you are in some way trapped in a prison and need to find a way out. In the previous chapter (also known as Test Subject) you managed to escape the evil hands of the Chief Warden and Dr. Hanks. Even if you are still stuck in a muddy cave under the prison it appears when you progress through the map that the future ahead looks a little bit brighter.

Many people have waited desperately for the third chapter of the map. This is an incredibly well thought through map with a great storyline which combine past events with current happenings in the map. It was well worth the wait because it’s a very enjoyable map.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone

In the previous chapter of Mined Prison you and Drake finally managed to escape the captivity of Dr. Hanks and the Chief Warden. You have found a muddy cave in the prison and that’s where you’ve set up a little camp while doing some exploring.

Recently you’ve discovered the ruins of the old prison which was soon forgotten after the top modern Mined Prison (which by the way isn’t exactly famous for being an especially lawful prison) was established. Even if you are still stuck in a part of the prison you will come across some people further on which might help bring Mined Prison to justice.


The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a timed, hardcore, survivalist and adventure map. The map is inspired by the movie where the players have to test their skills of survival.

Creator: KoolGhettoKid

The world itself might look quite ordinary if you were to forget about the enormous walls that surround the ordinary world. After a 22 minutes the walls will fall and show the huge maze. As soon as you enter it the next question is how long will you be able to survive?

Did you like this map? Check out Maze Runner 2 (now powered by redstone)!


Mined Prison: The Beginning (Chapter 1)

Mined Prison is prison break adventure map. The story goes that you’ve been framed for a murder and put in prison for life. Now you want to escape and get your freedom back.

The map offers choice based decisions which will affect the continued situations in the map (such as interactions with guards). The adventure goes on for a long while and follow a great story. As you progress in the map your desire for freedom will grow and the end of your adventure will unwantingly feel closer.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone

You have been framed for murder and put in a high security prison called Mined Prison for life. Your chances of ever seeing your family outside the prison walls have been reduced to zero the moment you stepped inside the prison. But you have no intention to stay in there any longer than necessary so you are planning a prison break. Try to find an exit..


Mined Prison: Test Subject (Chapter 2)

After your previous failed attempt of escaping the prison you’ve been put in isolation for two weeks. The old warden has been replaced by a new one. Apparently he got a new use for you inside the prison as a test subject. The adventures which lay ahead might cause you to think that isolation probably was a whole lot safer than going through all this.

In the map you will be put on a test through a series of the different experiments. It makes for a varying adventure with lots of different minigames to experience.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone

For two weeks you’ve been stuck in an isolation cell. A key twists in the keyhole and the door opens. Light lands on your face but a shadow quickly overtakes it. The first face you see isn’t exactly pretty.

It’s the new chief warden. Chief Warden: “How’s the cell mr Smith? You getting comfy in there yet?”. You can’t help but grin when you look up at the enormously fat warden. Not because he looks funny, but the feeling of seeing a face after such a long time is incredible. So whether it’s an ugly face or not, doesn’t matter.

The uncontrollable grin quickly changes to a grunting and annoyed face when realizing it’s the chief warden. You: “Who are you?!”

Chief Warden: “I’m the new chief warden. The previous one got fired so I replaced him. Now, get out of the cell. You’ve done your time in there. I’ve got someone I’d like you to meet…”

You push yourself up against the wall, stumbling out of the cell.