Mined Prison: Secret Service (Chapter 3)

Mined Prison is a popular adventure map series where in each map you are in some way trapped in a prison and need to find a way out. In the previous chapter (also known as Test Subject) you managed to escape the evil hands of the Chief Warden and Dr. Hanks. Even if you are still stuck in a muddy cave under the prison it appears when you progress through the map that the future ahead looks a little bit brighter.

Many people have waited desperately for the third chapter of the map. This is an incredibly well thought through map with a great storyline which combine past events with current happenings in the map. It was well worth the wait because it’s a very enjoyable map.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone

In the previous chapter of Mined Prison you and Drake finally managed to escape the captivity of Dr. Hanks and the Chief Warden. You have found a muddy cave in the prison and that’s where you’ve set up a little camp while doing some exploring.

Recently you’ve discovered the ruins of the old prison which was soon forgotten after the top modern Mined Prison (which by the way isn’t exactly famous for being an especially lawful prison) was established. Even if you are still stuck in a part of the prison you will come across some people further on which might help bring Mined Prison to justice.


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