SAW Horror

It’s few maps in Minecraft which has got me scared, but this one succeeded to scare me at least two times. You’ve been kidnapped by an evil psychopath who will take you through a series of challenges where none of the available options seem good, but you must make your choices quick in order to survive this house of horror. Even though parts of the story could be improved upon it’s definitely an enjoyable (and at times scary) gameplay experience.

Creator: ZeReaper


The Stairway (Horror!)

The Stairway is a horror map in which you will be walking aimlessly in a stairway, lonely and confused and not really sure where you are going. It takes around 5 minutes to complete and there are a few surprises in the map (but none of which I will spoil here). If you are afraid of the dark then it’s definitely going to be scary. But I think it would have been even better with some custom horror sounds.

Creator: Cheete, Twitter Account

There is no where, when or why. But you are here, an endless staircase with nothing else about it. Is there even an end? No one knows.


The Experiment 1

You’ve been kidnapped by an evil scientist and you are forced to through a series of tests to prove yourself worthy. It’s unclear why you were chosen in the first place, but one thing is for certain and that is that you have to escape your captivity. This is an adventure map which should take somewhere around 20 minutes to complete. It uses redstone and command blocks to provide a seamless gameplay experience.

Creator: HeroBGamingHQ, Twitter Account

Your name is Khirt. A 16 year old who was kidnapped and experimented on by the Evil Scientist, Dr Hero Randomz. Don’t worry… You won’t be alone!


The Subterranean Facility

The Subterranean Facility is a large and complex structure which you will find yourself exploring in hope to find a way out and take back your freedom. It’s an epic adventure taking place in one of the most amazing structures specifically created to provide you a mind-boggling escape adventure in Minecraft.

A large majority of the map includes the great challenge of finding a way out. But to escape, you will first need to do a whole lot of exploration. There are several ways to get to the end and the total playtime is expected somewhere around 30 minutes (excluding the tutorial).

Creator: NXUS, Official Website


The Evil Z-cientist

The Evil Zombie Scientist is the cause of a horrible scientific experiment where he kidnaps villagers and then tries to transform them into zombie villagers. It’s clearly the work for a madman who needs to be removed from his position of power and preferably killed. Too many have already died and it is up to you to escape his wrath and hopefully deal with him in the process.

It’s a fairly short adventure map but nonetheless pretty cool and it uses several new features which was introduced in version 1.0.5 of Minecraft PE. As a result, you’ll need that version to play this map.

Creator: RubeGbxYT, Twitter Account


Dimension Temple

Dimension Temple is a great adventure map where you play as a great adventurer. Most recently you’ve traveled to a temple to find the legendary dimensional diamond. There are puzzles, parkour and other challenges which you need to complete in order to complete the map and obtain the dimensional diamond.

Creator: Flame100

You are a world famous treasure hunter who have found lots of treasures all over the world. You are now going to the Dimension Temple which will be one of your greatest adventures ever. The mission is to find the legendary dimensional diamond.

Many have gone before you but they have all died because of the dangerous traps, or been lost in all infinite due to the confusing mazes or just simply given up.

There are two ways this can turn out.


Frostburn Mystery

Frostburn Mystery is an adventure map which takes place in a small apocalyptic city. Some unknown forces have demolished most parts of the city and it’s your quest to find out who did it and punish them for it. Most of the gameplay takes place during the night which means it’s a quite scary map to play.

Creators: DestroyerWarrior, HiDudeHDG

Suddenly in the middle of the night you wake up with a feeling that something is very wrong. As you look around you notice that everything in the city have been destroyed.


Kirio RPG

This is an open-world adventure map set in a medieval environment with multiple different towns to visit and quests to complete. You play as a character called Picko who is a brave warrior who fight against evil. It’s very important to read all of the signs you can find as they will provide the necessary information for your progress in the map. Beware, sometimes the English in this map isn’t perfect!

Creator: PickoMods
Updated: 18 March, 2017

Since it is an open-world adventure it means that you don’t need to complete the quests in a particular order. However, we do recommend that you try to complete them as you find them because otherwise there’s chance you’ll get lost and confused. This is important especially in the beginning of the map as then you will learn how things are going to work.

The “Line of Quests” are the main quests which are part of the storyline. You must complete these quests in order to make any progress in the map. Then there are the “Reusable Tasks” and those are quests which can be returned to several times in case you want to earn more money which you can use for trading and such.

Storyline: Your name is Picko and you are the son of a prophecy who have grown up to become a great warrior. Your future will not be easy as it will involve a fight against evil to save the people of Kirio from doom.


Tomb Crafter 7: Christmas

This is the most recent map in the popular Tomb Crafter map series for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This time you’ve traveled to the North Pole where you have to find a solution to a serious problem which is threatening Christmas. If you can’t solve it then no one can! Everyone is counting on you and it’s essential that you complete this mission!

Creator: minecraftstyler777

Something has happened to Santa Claus and this might cause Christmas to be lost! You can’t let this happen and have decided to go by train to the North Pole to investigate the matter.


VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination

The Fire of Determination is the second of map in the VerseCrafter map series. All of your memories have been lost and you are forced to look deep inside your own head to unlock your hidden memories and take back your sanity. It’s a really cool decision based adventure map which combines everything from puzzles to parkour to create some exciting gameplay. It’s best suited for version of Minecraft Pocket Edition since it uses custom sounds.

Creator: Cheete, Twitter Account
Updated: 9 March, 2017 (bug fixes, custom sounds)

Your name is Ren Harrow and you’ve lost all of your memories. Find a way to reach The Hall of Memories to restore your memories. But it’s not going to be easy since you’ve got to complete 7 gates of emotional spectrums. Venture off into the gate of courage and try to find The Fire of Determination which is required for unlocking The Gate of Green.

Important: This map is recommended for version since it uses custom sounds.