Late At Night (Horror)

Late At Night is a quite scary adventure map which takes place in a dark house. The lights are out and it’s your job to find a way down to the basement and repair the generator which supplies the electricity. To make things a little bit easier you’ve got a night vision camera which you can use to see in the dark, but it has a limited supply of battery so you have to use it sparingly. There are multiple jumpscares in the map so be prepared to be surprised!

Creator: Piekabee

The first objective is to find the night vision camera. Once you’ve found it you can use it simply by tapping with it on the ground. But since it runs on a limited amount of battery you have to make sure to use it carefully.

Hopefully that’s enough information for you to get started in the map.

The graphical user interface for the camera might only work for smaller phones. On tablets you might only see the green area.


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