Xrun Speed Run

Xrun is a fun and challenging speed run and parkour map which make use of a sprinting technique allowing you to both jump and run faster. It doesn’t require any mods or potions to get going. Make sure to read the instructions down below before getting started.

The map makes use of what the creator thinks is a glitch in the current version of Minecraft Pocket Edition (0.12.1). When we tested the map we don’t actually think it’s a glitch, it seems more as a feature that’s supposed to exist but the common knowledge about it might not be huge.

Every floating platform in the map is made out of ice and on top of the ice are carpets. When sprinting and jumping on top of the ice and carpets your speed will gradually increase which will boost the length you will be able to jump to get from one platform to another.

Creator: Kungfuducky


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