Hide N Seek Caves

Hide N Seek Caves is a minigame map where two teams compete against each other. The hiders are supposed to keep themselves hidden as long as possible and the seekers are supposed to find the hiders as quickly as possible. It’s a really unique type of minigame worth playing if you are at least 2-4 of players (or more).

Creator: StrikerTeam, Twitter AccountCredits: MeiZika BUILDS

To play hide n seek at least two players are required. Split up in two teams: hiders and seekers. Open the trapdoors and enter the one depending which team you belong to.

Hiders will be dropped down into the cave instantly where they have to find a good hiding place.

The seekers will have to wait while being pushed through the cobweb. As a seeker you aren’t allowed to break the cobweb. Once you reach the cave it’s time to start searching for the hiders.

The cave looks very different from ordinary caves. Lots of additional blocks have been added to give it a more mystic feeling and add more possibilities for where hiders can hide.


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