TNT Maniac

TNT Maniac is a minigame involving explosions and kits. It’s similar to that of Mineplex’s Bomb Lobbers where the main objective is to eliminate the other team. TNT Maniac is suitable for any amount of players and before starting each player will be able to select among one of three classes. Right now there’s just one arena (Pirate Ship) but more will be added in a future update.

Creator: Cheete, Twitter Account

Before actually going anywhere it’s recommended that you read the rules and guidelines in the game lobby. Once that’s done then you can enter the game and select a class.

To select a team simply step on the red or blue block.

Next you will teleport to another platform. Here you have to select a class. (Step on a block to select a class.)

As soon as everyone have entered the game it’s time to let the game begin. The main objective is to destroy the other team’s base and eliminate all of the enemies.


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