Tazader City 2015

Tazader City 2015 is what in reality best compared to would be any medium sized city. It’s an astonishing creation including a great amount of varying buildings. Everything from a creatively created ice hockey arena with the goal nets made out of cobweb to expansive office buildings with beautifully decorated and designed interiors.

What makes Tazader City 2015 stand out is its high attention to detail and realism. Walk down one of the roads in the city and notice how the stop lights shift in red and green, just as it would in real life. Cross the bridge over the river which connects the commercial part of the city with the industrial. Breath the toxic smoke seeping from the factories and experience the life of the working class.

Everything you would expect of a realistic city has made its way into the map. It connects the poor with the rich and includes many different types of buildings. As you explore the city, perhaps you will find ways to improve on it yourself. It’s a city of opportunity which offers tons to explore.

Creator: Autotaker


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