Puzzle Coop

This map is designed for two players (no more, no less) and in each level you have to use teamwork to complete the level to move onto the next one. Most of the levels have some type of redstone challenge where both players must trigger two different redstone signals in order for the doors to open. It’s a really fun map to play with a friend.

Creator: HeroTeenGamer

Important note: All text in the map is in Portuguese or Spanish. But it’s not much of importance. Just stick to the ordinary rules, e.g. don’t break blocks and no cheating and you will be fine.


BrainGames 3

BrainGames 3 is a puzzle map which takes advantage of some of the new redstone features in 0.15. In total there are 10 different levels and in each one you will find yourself in a room with a complex task. It’s a great map to stimulate your brain and improve your intelligence while playing Minecraft. If you enjoy this one you can try one of the other BrainGames maps.

Creator: AndrejHQ, Twitter Account


Redstone Master 2

Do you master the art of redstone? This map provides the perfect challenge to test your redstone skills with a combination of parkour. In each level you will be provided a blueprint for the redstone and you have to use block rules to figure out how to structure the redstone. If you succeed then a door will open and you can move onto the next level.

Creator: SUEZ

In each parkour level you can retrieve items related to redstone. Read the block rules to find out on which blocks you are allowed to place the redstone blocks.

Here’s the solution for the first level to give you an idea how it works. Find and stand on a pressure plate to retrieve the redstone items. Then use the block rules to place them on the clay blocks. If you do it right the door to the even more complex level will open.


The Puzzle

The Puzzle is an adventure map packed with some parkour but mostly puzzle challenges. Find a way to escape this challenging world of puzzles in order to escape and take back your freedom. It’s a fun map to play if you enjoy putting your brain to work on difficult problems.

Creator: Noper123

You’ve been out for weeks adventuring in the realm of Minecraft. Recently you came across an island with some empty houses. As you investigated further you found a minecart and boarded it. Next you found yourself locked up in this room and to escape you need to complete the puzzles.


The Last Room

The Last Room is a redstone puzzle map with 10 different levels consisting of different redstone challenges. Levers, repeaters and pistons are just few of the redstone blocks which have been used to create this challenging map. This map is suitable for both redstone pros and beginners because either way it’s a great way to freshen up your skills. Try your best to solve the puzzles and see if you can get to the last room.

Creator: TurtleJawz, Twitter Account

Important: This map requires version 0.15 or above to work. Why? Because it makes use of some of the redstone blocks only available in that version and above.


20 Ways to Die (Modded Map!)

20 Ways to Die is a puzzle map where the objective in each level is to figure out a way to die. It’s an unusual way to level up but it definitely creates a unique experience. If things get too difficult there is a hint button in each level which you can use but try to refrain from using it as much as possible.

Creator: TheOnlyBrobin, Twitter Account

The levels consist of a good mix of redstone and other types of puzzles.



Impossibility is a map with a series of tests which you as a test subject have to go through and complete in order to be released out in the free again. If you fail to complete the map you will be locked up in their facility for all eternity, so you better get yourself together and find a way to solve this puzzle!

Creator: FlameDemon

Hello, test subject! Yes.. you there. You are my test subject who will participate in a series of experiments. If you succeed all of them alive I will release you again. If you fail, I will never let you go.

The first tests include some easy parkour.

But don’t be fooled, things gets more difficult soon!

Another test in the map is to find a needle in a haystack – literally!


Kaizo World PE

Kaizo World PE is a fun map mixed with lots of parkour, puzzles and traps. It’s inspired by Kaizo Mario World which is a modified version of the 1990 Super Mario World video game. The idea of the game modification was to break some things to make the game almost impossible to play.

Kaizo World PE has a multitude of difficult challenges where rage quit will sometimes feel as the only option. Do you consider yourself a pro at parkour? Give this map a try and you might change your mind!

Creator: StrikerTeam, Twitter Account

There’s a good mix of different challenges. Make sure to use the checkpoints (beds) whenever possible. At some stages there are chests with potions, make sure to use these to take advantage of some effect.


Do You Know 0.14?

Do You Know 0.14? That’s the question which you can answer by completing all 6 puzzles which are included in the map. Each puzzle is in some relation to the most recent 0.14 update of Minecraft Pocket Edition. As the update was primarily focused on redstone the majority of challenges will include some type of redstone mechanism.

Creator: TrollFace640, Twitter Account


Antichamber (Modded Map!)

Antichamber is a mind-bending and super confusing puzzle map. It’s like a labyrinth with endless of opportunities and if you take a wrong turn you will end up running around in circles forever. I got about half way through before giving up. We’ll definitely applaud you if you finish to the end!

The map also exists for the PC version of Minecraft and it was inspired by the video game with the same name.

Ported by: Creeperface01Creator: BassinTag

If you enter the map and notices that your your screen turns black and flickers then that’s a bug. To fix that bug install SimpleCommands and type /weather stop to fix the bug.

I highly recommend to set the time to day (/timeset day using SimpleCommands).

Alright, once you’ve got that sorted out simply read the rules and instructions and then press the Play button. It’s a really difficult puzzle map with lots of confusing elements.

Please watch the video down below to get an idea how the map works.

Watch CaptainSparklez play the map on PC!