Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes PE

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a co-op puzzle map also created for the PC version of Minecraft but is now ported to Pocket Edition. It’s a fun puzzle map which require at least two players who together have to work as a team to defuse a ticking bomb. It is originally a game actually.

Creator: KurumiXD

One of the players will be trapped inside a room and the rest of the player(s) (experts) should have the bomb defusal manual in front of them. The experts objective is to try and help the trapped player to solve the puzzle. All information to crack the puzzles is found in the manual.

The difficulty of the puzzle is that only the person who is trapped inside the room is allowed to see the bomb.


Remember Death 2

This map includes 8 different memory challenges. Each level has a couple of separate rooms. In the first one you have to try to memorize all of the blocks and in the second one you have to try to spot a difference. This is a great challenge for anyone who enjoy puzzles or similar games where you need to focus your mind. The first few levels shouldn’t be much of a hassle but just wait until you get to later levels!

Creator: BlackZero, Twitter Account

Enter the first room and then try to memorize all of the blocks and where they are placed in the room.

Whenever you are ready step into the next room. It will look much similar to the first room but there will be one difference and it’s your job to try to spot it. (Buttons and doors don’t count as differences!)

Next, step into the third room and select the block which was different.


My Brain Hurts

This map features 7 medium-easy puzzle levels. In each room you will be presented with a problem which needs to be solved in order to gain access to the next level. For example, sometimes you will need to craft blocks or items and other times you simply need to figure out a fairly basic puzzle problem. This map is most suitable for beginners who haven’t played many puzzle maps yet.

Creator: mefanaticgaming


10 Ways to Die

10 Ways to Die is all about dying. There are 10 different levels and in each one the objective is to find a way to end your life. It might not sound like a great idea but it’s actually a quite fun puzzle map to play. As you progress through the map things get more difficult and there might even be times where you doubt your abilities to complete it.

Creator: TheUltimateBrex007

This map makes use of some of the new text commands which was introduced in 0.16.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. For example, to get to a new level you will have to use a teleport command. And to set your spawn point you need to use another text command. Everything is explained by signs in-game. Here are two of the levels in the map. There are very few instructions in the actual levels. This is to make the challenges as difficult as possible.



This map includes 8 different puzzles. It is most suitable for beginners (based on the difficulty of the map) who don’t have much experience with redstone and other basic features in Minecraft which most avid players should be familiar with. It’s nonetheless an enjoyable map with at least 10 minutes worth of gameplay.

Creator: Gaming_Pilot2, Twitter Account

Since this is a puzzle map I don’t want to give away too much but here are two images out of two eight levels.

Important: If you spawn and it is raining then type the following text command to turn off the rain: /toggledownfall


Circuit Scramble

Circuit Scramble is a map which is based on an Android app with the same name. There are 15 different which you need to solve to complete it. It’s a quite difficult map which is most suitable for people who enjoy solving mathematical puzzles or have basic familiarity with logic gates.

Creator: AgentCPU0, Twitter Account
Updated: 25 February, 2017 (added 10 levels)

In each level you will be presented with a unique redstone problem. Use the levers to toggle different logic gates and try to find a combination which works.


10 Ways to Die

There will be 10 different puzzle levels and in each one your objective is to die. Yes, you got that right. Normally in maps you’ve to avoid difficult obstacles in order not to die but in this case you have to create the obstacles by the use of the blocks and items found in each level to kill yourself. It’s much more fun than what it sounds!

Creator: Apopotame, Twitter Account

To start the first series of levels walk through the tripwire to open the gate. Begin by entering the first level.


Lights Out

Lights Out is a new type of puzzle in which you have to stand on different pressure plates to ultimately disable all of the lights. Even though it looks very basic I have to admit that it was pretty fun to actually play it. If you are looking for a challenging but logic puzzle then I definitely recommend it!

Creator: Jhomes, Twitter Account

By standing on a pressure plate you will automatically turn turn on/off some lights. The objective is to find a way to disable all of the lights. It might sound easy but believe me it’s not. You have to find a specific way of doing it to avoid turning on more lights than you turn off.

I played it for a couple of minutes and didn’t get any further than this. If you come up with useful strategy for completing it then please share it in the comments!

Here’s a brief video tutorial which explains how to play the game. Click here if you want to view a tutorial how to build one yourself!


Behind Locked Doors

Fire up those neurons! It’s time for eight confusing puzzles which will get your mind working. Most of the challenges include some sort of redstone mechanism which you must use to complete the level. Each level has its own set of rules so make sure to read the signs carefully before moving onto the next level.

Creator: AgentCPU0, Twitter Account

All of it is explained in the map. The only thing worth taking note of is the fact that you need to make sure to read the signs carefully as they explain each problem in brief detail.

Other than that I won’t say much seeing as it’s a puzzle map and it wouldn’t be fun if I gave you some of the answers.



FindTheDifference is a minigame which requires a great attention to detail and a focused mind. In total there are five different levels and your task is to compare two rooms and then submit your answer to a hopper on a piece of paper. Even though it’s a fairly quick map to play (obviously depending on your skill level) it’s definitely fun to play.

Creator: AndrejHQ, Twitter Account

Each level consists of two rooms. Your objective is to compare the rooms and single out the difference.

For example, let’s say the difference in one level is that one room got a stone button and the other doesn’t. Take a piece of paper from the chest, place the paper on the anvil and rename it to “stonebutton” as one word.

Retrieve the piece of paper and then drop it in the hopper. If your answer is correct then the door to the next level will open.