Antichamber (Modded Map!)

Antichamber is a mind-bending and super confusing puzzle map. It’s like a labyrinth with endless of opportunities and if you take a wrong turn you will end up running around in circles forever. I got about half way through before giving up. We’ll definitely applaud you if you finish to the end!

The map also exists for the PC version of Minecraft and it was inspired by the video game with the same name.

Ported by: Creeperface01Creator: BassinTag

If you enter the map and notices that your your screen turns black and flickers then that’s a bug. To fix that bug install SimpleCommands and type /weather stop to fix the bug.

I highly recommend to set the time to day (/timeset day using SimpleCommands).

Alright, once you’ve got that sorted out simply read the rules and instructions and then press the Play button. It’s a really difficult puzzle map with lots of confusing elements.

Please watch the video down below to get an idea how the map works.

Watch CaptainSparklez play the map on PC!


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