Parkour IB 1

This map takes you on a challenging journey consisting of 5 different levels and in total it should take somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The objective is quite simple. You have to use whatever parkour skills you’ve got to jump from one block to another to ultimately complete all of the levels. The fact that there are some tricky jumps and that the levels are really well built makes it both an enjoyable and eye-pleasing experience.

Creator: itzBojan, Twitter Account


Horse Parkour

This is a new take on parkour. Instead of running the parkour course yourself you will be riding a horse! It’s slightly more difficult to control a horse than controlling the player (at least that’s my opinion) and that makes this map quite hard actually. You can either play it in multiplayer or just play it by yourself.

Creator: studofenfield, Twitter Account

This map can either be played by yourself or with other players. Pick one of the horses in the stable and then meet up the other players outside at the starting line.

Start a countdown from five and then start riding.

The horse track includes multiple different parkour challenges. Be careful! It’s gets very hard sometimes and on certain levels failing is not an option!


Santa Story

Santa has sent you on a mission to find and retrieve one of his presents which he as lost. This is a disaster because if you don’t find it then someone will be without a present and nobody likes that, right? To complete this map you have to go through a long series of challenges mostly consisting of parkour. There are also some other games but you should really enjoy parkour if you want to have a good time in this map.

Creator: itzBojan, Twitter Account


Half Heart Survival

This is a parkour map which uses an addon to drastically reduce your health. As a result you will notice that doing the different jumps becomes much more difficult as one wrong move and you will immediately die and have to start over. If you like parkour maps then this is well suited for you as it’s basically that but a bit more difficult.

Creator: awesome5185, Twitter Account

This map includes an addon which sets your health in survival mode to just one half heart. The half heart isn’t visible (for unknown reasons) but if you make one wrong jump you will die. This means you’ve got to act carefully when doing the parkour challenges.

It might not look as a difficult parkour map but since your health is reduced to a half heart you will quickly notice that it’s much harder than what you probably thought.


Parkour Advancer

Parkour Advancer is a map consisting of tens of stages which takes place in everywhere from shabby sewers to all sorts of different biomes. It’s a really well thought out map with medium-hard obstacles and amazing looking builds. The combination of challenging parkour and epic creations results in a top notch experience. It’s well worth it so make sure to try it out.

Creator: SUEZ


How To Parkour

How To Parkour consists of 15 different parkour levels and each of them offer a different type of challenge based on how the course has been built and also depending on which blocks was used. If you want to train your parkour skills then this map offers a great variety of challenges which can be challenging for most players no matter your skill level.

Creator: Gamerington, Twitter Account


Redstone Master 2

Do you master the art of redstone? This map provides the perfect challenge to test your redstone skills with a combination of parkour. In each level you will be provided a blueprint for the redstone and you have to use block rules to figure out how to structure the redstone. If you succeed then a door will open and you can move onto the next level.

Creator: SUEZ

In each parkour level you can retrieve items related to redstone. Read the block rules to find out on which blocks you are allowed to place the redstone blocks.

Here’s the solution for the first level to give you an idea how it works. Find and stand on a pressure plate to retrieve the redstone items. Then use the block rules to place them on the clay blocks. If you do it right the door to the even more complex level will open.


Lava Run 2

Lava Run 2 is a competitive minigame and parkour map where you play against time. Once you’ve entered a level a timer will be set and after somewhere between 1-4 minutes lava should start pouring down from the ceiling, hopefully behind you. Try to get to the finish before the lava kills you.

Creator: Gamerington

In this first level you have four minutes to complete the parkour level. Failing to complete the level will be severly punished.


Lava Jumps

Lava Jumps is a map containing 40 challenges mostly related to parkour. Most levels are fairly easy to complete and they are for the most past not too long either. There are some dropper levels which is a challenge where you need to drop down into a tunnel, avoid possible obstacles and try to land safely on the ground either on slime blocks, cobweb or water. It’s a really great map with lots of fun levels!

Creators: Dplo_Gaming, Gamingmcpe, ProMinerBuildz

(Map name in-game: Parkour_Adventure_4)



Impossibility is a map with a series of tests which you as a test subject have to go through and complete in order to be released out in the free again. If you fail to complete the map you will be locked up in their facility for all eternity, so you better get yourself together and find a way to solve this puzzle!

Creator: FlameDemon

Hello, test subject! Yes.. you there. You are my test subject who will participate in a series of experiments. If you succeed all of them alive I will release you again. If you fail, I will never let you go.

The first tests include some easy parkour.

But don’t be fooled, things gets more difficult soon!

Another test in the map is to find a needle in a haystack – literally!