It’s not really an impossible parkour because what would be the fun of that? But lets say it is a really hard parkour (and long too) which got no possibility for an easy mode as if you fall – you die and have to start over – simple as that.

In terms of the building it isn’t anything advanced as the parkour takes place in an extreme type of terrain which probably is an organic seed and nothing handmade. Still it’s a fun map which challenge your parkour skills on a higher level.

Creator: ponteiro


Color Jump

Color Jump is a (not so surprisingly) colorful and fun parkour map. The map consists mostly of wool blocks placed on different levels in the sky which you have to jump between to get on to the next level of the map.

The map is for newbies or people semi-good at parkour. It’s not an especially lengthy map but is absolutely worth given a shot if you are looking for maybe 15-30 minutes of parkour.



EVASiON is a challenging puzzle map with a unique storyline. The creator of the map has managed to creatively use features and objects in Minecraft to create map specific features, such as a high score system with gold ingots and more cool things.


EVASiON is a secret laboratory in which you have been imprisoned in. You are set through a high number of tests and puzzles and the tricky part about the whole thing is that you got no idea what you are doing in there. The ultimate question is if you will make your way through the tests or die trying?

Creator: ZeeSnipesMC



Sprint Parkour is a simple but fun parkour map. The map stretches throughout a forest landscape with lots of hinders and other tricky parts. But for the most part, it’s actually a kind of easy map to play as there are never any extreme jumps. In other words, it’s perfect for somebody new to parkour maps.

Creator:  GamerKingdomHD



To survive this map there is just one thing you have to remember and that is to Keep Jumping! To get from start to finish you need to jump on pressure plates. Once you’ve stood on a pressure plate it will make the block beneath it disappear. This means you’ve always gotta keep moving. It’s a perfect map for anyone who’s up for a hard and intense challenge.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone, Twitter Account

Jump from one pressure plate to another until you reach a checkpoint.

Once you’ve reached a checkpoint then open the text chat and type the following command to save your checkpoint: /spawnpoint

If you are killed you will spawn back here and you can then can restart the level. There are six different checkpoints throughout the map.


The Evil Octopus

An evil octopus has surfaced from the water and for unknown reasons she hates the Minecraft universe and wants to destroy it all. It’s up to you to protect this world from total demolition. Find a way to its head and pull the lever to blow it up. Even though it’s a very short parkour map it’s really well designed and that is the main reason to why we decided to post it here.

Creator: minecraftstyler777, Twitter Account

This is what the octopus looks like from land. You won’t really see it unless you break out of the glass structure underneath the water.

Here is the short parkour challenge which you must complete in order to destroy the octopus.


Temple Run PE

Temple Run PE is a timed parkour map where the ground behind you will get pulled away by pistons as you continue through the map. Every two checkpoints you will get 10 seconds added to the clock but it’s never enough time to rest. You constantly have to be on your move if you want to complete this map.

Creator: MatPatCat

You work as an archaelogist and currently you find yourself in a temple. As you reach out to grab a golden idol you can hear a rumbling sound and the ground beneath you starts shaking. Even though you are terrified you decide to make a run for it. Every 30 seconds or so the ground behind you is being pulled away and you constantly have to jump from one block to another to stay alive.


Kaizo World PE

Kaizo World PE is a fun map mixed with lots of parkour, puzzles and traps. It’s inspired by Kaizo Mario World which is a modified version of the 1990 Super Mario World video game. The idea of the game modification was to break some things to make the game almost impossible to play.

Kaizo World PE has a multitude of difficult challenges where rage quit will sometimes feel as the only option. Do you consider yourself a pro at parkour? Give this map a try and you might change your mind!

Creator: StrikerTeam, Twitter Account

There’s a good mix of different challenges. Make sure to use the checkpoints (beds) whenever possible. At some stages there are chests with potions, make sure to use these to take advantage of some effect.


Tomb Crafter

Venture deep underground in search for long forgotten ancient artifacts and precious treasures. Tomb Crafter is an adventure and parkour map which consists of 23 different challenges. Most challenges include some type of parkour but there are also other things to do such as mob battles.

It’s definitely a fun map to play but it should be noted that the signs are a little bit unclear at times. But the challenges are well worth it anyway, even if you might get stuck and unsure what to do at times in the map. Just trust your own ability to discover things and you’ll probably be alright!

Creator: minecraftstyler777, Twitter Account


Parkour Masters

Parkour Masters is the ultimate map to see how far your parkour skills can get you. All six levels are equally difficult but each have a different and usually amazing design. After completing a level you will be rewarded with a trophy. If you can collect all six trophies then you can proudly enjoy your new title as Parkour Master.

Creator: StrikerTeam, Twitter Account