Missing Color

Missing Color is a parkour map taking place in a colorless environment. It’s as if the colors have been absorbed by an unknown force and it’s your objective to find a way out from this foreign place. But it’s not going to be easy because the only colors you will be able to see are black and white. The parkour levels wouldn’t be hard if there would have been colors to distinguish the obstacles.

Creator: JoaBroYT, Twitter Account


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a speed-based platform game. This is a parkour map for Minecraft Pocket Edition which uses a similar type of level design and it also uses command blocks to give the players different effects such as speed and jump boosts. It’s a pretty fun map to play, and especially if you got some friends which you can compete against.

Creator: FVDisco (original PC map)
Ported by: Xjarrod21, MinecraftMan132, Raja Azril

Make sure to let all players join before starting the game. There’s no countdown built in so you’ll need to do that part yourselves. It’s important that you always step on the pressure plates since they’ll enable/disable different speed boosts.


Planet Ten

Planet Ten is one of the most difficult parkour maps you will ever play and the expected gameplay is somewhere around 7 days. I haven’t played it through yet so I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it sure seemed quite difficult. One thing which doesn’t make it easier is the fact that it’s set in a very dark environment. If you like yourself a tough challenge then give it a try!

Creator: KNobleBoy

Storyline: The Earth was coming to an end. Xenomorphs destroyed mankind and the cycle of life was obliterated. We had to escape and settle on another planet. We called it Planet Ten. It’s not like Earth. Noises disturb us all of the time and for some reason we have to complete an obstacle course to prove that we aren’t one of those horrific creatures. Only the strong ones will survive.


Ghost Jump

Ghost Jump is one of the longest parkour maps you will ever play, and it’s not easy! But luckily, there is a checkpoint on each new level which ensures some safety even if you were to fall down and die. It’s really well designed and includes a great mix of style and challenges. It’s probably going to take somewhere around 30 minutes to complete it for most of you, but that is obviously dependent on your skill level.

Creator: Ghost White, Twitter Account



This is a short map which consists of five easy parkour levels. It’s mostly a showcase to demonstrate how command blocks can be used (in version 1.0.5) to create awesome parkour maps with no interruptions. Some features include automatic checkpoints and text announcements on the screen to display rules and similar information.

Creator: AmazingGamerPHUpdated: 25 May, 2017

The fact that you can automatically present text on the screen (as seen in the images down below) opens up for amazing new possibilities for map makers. Hopefully this map will provide you an insight of what things you’ll be able to make.

Important: This map requires version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Android users can sign up for a beta here!


Half Heart Survival 2

The objective of the map is to complete 10 levels of parkour without dying. There are no checkpoints so this will most likely be one of the hardest parkour maps you ever play. And to make things even harder your health has been reduced to one half heart. One wrong step and you are dead and have to start over.

Creator: awesome5185, Twitter Account

As soon as you’ve loaded the world make sure that there is a behavior pack enabled. Go to Settings and then press the Behavior Packs button to check this.

The included addon sets your health to one half heart.


Slime Blocks

Slime Blocks is a parkour map with 10 different levels and all of them include some type of slime block challenge. Make your jumps carefully to make sure you don’t lose out on any of the jumping velocity which basically is essential to make it all the way to the next level.


Parkour Dimensional

Fight (or rather do parkour) to protect your world from destruction. In this map you play as some type of God who need to complete a series of six different parkour levels in order to protect the world order. It’s basically a basic parkour map but with a storyline. It should be noted that all signs are in Spanish, but we’ve done our best to translate the storyline here in this post.

Creator: Mamelix26

You are the person who control the totems of all the dimensions in the world. One day all of the totem items were stolen by a thief. They have been hidden in each respective dimension and your mission is to go out there and retrieve them.


Slime Jump

Slime Jump is a fun type of parkour map which uses slime blocks for some of the obstacles. Jump on the slimes and have them bounce you up to the next block. There are five different levels and they are all equally difficult. If you didn’t complete a jump then there are checkpoints (or ladders) which can be used to return to the last stage.

Creator: Gamerington,



Rapido is a fairly short parkour map which should take somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It includes mostly challenges related to parkour but also a couple of archery levels. It’s suitable for anyone who is a parkour beginner in Minecraft and want to see how far their legs can get them.

Creator: Hola Alo, Twitter Account