Ultimate Slayer

Ultimate Slayer is a quite unrestricted arena with automated processes such as the ability to obtain kits by pressing buttons or stepping on pressure plates to get teleported to a new space. It’s quite barebones at this point but hopefully that will improve as the development of the map continues.

Creator: HrhettUpdated: 17 April, 2017 (new arena, new kits, fixed bugs)

Begin by letting each player select a class. At this point there are only 7 different classes but in the future there will more ones. The current classes include the following


As soon as you’ve selected a class and equipped the items then it’s time to enter the arena. There are four different ones to choose from and more will come in a future update.

You can check the size of the arena by looking at the item frame for each arena.

Once all of the players have entered the arena then one of you will have to start a countdown before the game ultimately begins. You can make up your own set of rules


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