The End Add-on

The End is another dimension in Minecraft which doesn’t exist in the official version of Pocket Edition (until now). The End Add-on changes that as it let’s you explore a world which looks very similar to The End and even includes an epic boss known as the Ender Dragon. If you’ve always wanted to fight the Ender Dragon then you definitely have to give this add-on a try!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

The Ender Dragon (replaces bats) and a bunch of Endermen will spawn as soon as you pass over the pressure plate at the beginning of the map. It will spawn no matter which difficulty you’ve turned on but we highly recommend it to set it to normal or hard to best simulate this experience.

It’s an extremely dangerous boss as it has 200 health points (which equal 100 hearts) and shoots ender fire charges from a range up to 64 blocks.

The fight is well worth it though as it drops one nether star and five stacks of experience bottles (which is enough experience to get you to level 30).

The endermites (replace silverfish) are small hostile creatures which can be found spawning in the the End City. They will also spawn if an Enderman dies.

If you are within a range of 16 blocks of an endermite they will attack you and seeing as they can teleport it can quickly get quite dangerous especially if there are many of them.

Endermen can be found all over the map. They are also hostile and will assist the Ender Dragon against you. Killing an enderman will spawn an endermite but there is also a chance that it might drop some ender pearls.

Ender pearls (replace eggs) is dropped by endermen. When you throw an ender pearl you will be teleported to the location wherever it lands.


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