The Cave

The Cave is a mini CTM map. Mini doesn’t necessary mean it’s a short map. We would guesstimate it’s worth at least one hour of gameplay assuming you aren’t in a big rush. The mission is to go out on an adventure to try and find two precious wools which you need to complete a monument. The two wools are of course not very easy to get. There are tons of mobs and other obstacles on the way which you must fight or get past in some way.

Creator: Withy19, Twitter Account

The spawn is in a room where you can read all the rules and recommended settings for the map. But we highly advise you to read the rules further down too as it will make things easier for you.

To begin the actual gameplay you will need to step forward to the enchantment table. Then look down and you should see a glass block. Break the glass to fall down and die. Then you will respawn at where the adventure starts.

The main objective of the map is to find one black wool and one red wool. Then you are supposed to complete a monument by placing the two blocks in the structure which can be found at the very beginning of the map:

There is a shifting type of terrain to be explored. The beginning of the map looks quite innocent but as soon as you step into the first cave which is filled with cobweb and scary monster spawners things quickly change.


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