The Abandon (Horror!)

The Abandon is a scary horror map taking place somewhere out in the woods. You’re driving your car back home when suddenly a man steps out on the road. It’s pitch black outside and the rain is pouring down. Soon you find yourself inside an abandoned mansion which you then have to escape. If you’re looking for a creepy adventure, then this is definitely it.

Creator: CoolBro869, Twitter Account

You’re driving back home after being on a vacation with some friends. All out of nowhere a man steps out onto the road. You quickly hit the brakes and stop the car by the side of the road. When you exit the car you can see the man disappearing into the woods. You can decide to follow him and soon you come to an abandoned mansion. The man enters the mansion, leaving the door opened behind him. You decide to enter it as well but as soon as you’re inside the door is closed behind you and locked. You must find a way out!


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