Super Zombie Survival

Super Zombie Survival is a short and fun minigame with 10 waves of zombies each with a different difficulty. The rotten flesh which are dropped by zombies can be traded for better gear. The only downside of the map is that nothing is automated. Everything has to be manually cared for by you, including opening the trapdoors to let the zombies into the arena.

Creator: GOnZO

Make sure you read the rules and then stand on top of the glass and break it to fall down into the survival arena. Surrounding the room are several different chests. You can trade rotten flesh (dropped by zombies) for the gear found in the chests.

To start a new level open the trapdoors in the ceiling of the survival arena. After finishing one level you can move onto the next one. If you want some gear first you can trade the rotten flesh first.


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