Skyfall PvP is a player versus player map which can lead to some really badass sky battles. You’ll literally spawn in air with just a weapon and a pair of elytra wings. The objective is to be the last player alive. It’s not going to be an easy accomplishment since you need food and weapons to survive and the only way to get around the different sky islands is by flying.

Creator: Alberto57451238, Twitter Account

As soon as you’ve pressed the button at spawn you will be teleported far up in the sky and you’ll also receive a pair of elytra wings which you must quickly equip in order to survive.

Search the different sky islands for useful items (such as food or weapons) by flying. Since this is a PvP map you always have to be on the lookout for other players to kill or avoid depending on your strategy.

One way or another you’ll most likely reach the bottom sky island. Walk through the portal (as seen in the image down below) to be teleported to the island in the very top of the map.

There are lots of different floating structures which you can explore by flying, but it’s mainly a PvP map and that means you always need to be ready to fight.

Important: This map requires the 1.0.5 beta (Android users sign up here)!


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