Secret Spawn Eggs and Items

This map showcases more than 30 different items and blocks (most of which are exclusive for version 0.17 of Minecraft PE). Neither of the items can be found in the inventory. The only way to get them is by typing certain text commands. In this map you can access all of the items by opening different chests.

Creator:  Jannik_DE, Twitter Account

End Crystal (spawn egg): The end crystals exist in the End (which is a new dimension in 0.17 of Minecraft PE). Their primary use is to recharge the health of the ender dragon. They look kind of cool so you can also use them for decorating your worlds.

Shulker Attackball (spawn egg): The shulker is a new type of mob spawning in the End. It shoots projectiles which inflicts a levitation effect on its enemies. By using this spawn egg you will be spawning shulker attackballs. If you hit a mob with it then it will start levitate.

Ender Dragon Charge (spawn egg): This is an item which the ender dragon spits at its enemies.

Iron Golem, Snow Golem (spawn egg): The following mob spawn eggs can only be used on a mob spawner.

Block Buttons (blocks): This is a new type of block which I have never seen in Minecraft before now. It behaves similar to a button except that it’s a large block.

End Gateway (block): If you want to go to the End you still need to build an end portal. This block is just for decoration.


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