TNT Wars – Red VS Blue

TNT War is a PvP minigame where the main objective is to kill all other players of the opponent team. There are two different teams and each of them have a base on a different island. Between the two islands there is a big wall which you will need to destroy by building TNT cannons and use to destroy it. Even though it takes quite some time to play it’s a really fun and intense game and especially towards the end.

Creator: CracklyCactus17

This map features two different islands which are separated by a huge wall. Each team’s objective is to shoot through the wall. To make this work they are given all of the necessary blocks and items which are required for building TNT cannons. Once the wall is breached you have to continue firing at the opponent team in order to defeat them and win.

There are five different kits and during the kit selection you will put the item in your main hand which represents the kit. It will enchant if it is your turn, and you will get the selected kit.


The Islands of Khanta

The Islands of Khanta features several large islands situated somewhere far out in the ocean. On each island you will find a different biome and this makes it a quite interesting and enjoyable map to explore. For example, the main island in the center includes a normal plains biome with some rocky mountains and another island features a huge mountain of lava.

Creator: LegoAidan10155, Twitter Account


Better Tutorials

This map was created to showcase some of the most essential features in Minecraft. It’s a great mix of showcases including both things which have existed in the game for a long time and new features which is being added in version 1.2 for Minecraft. Use this map if you want to learn more about structure blocks, beacons, armor stands, enchantments and so much more.

Creator: Allan1905, Twitter Account


Mansion Findell 2 (Discovery Update)

The Mansion Findell is a huge mansion situated on the top of a hill in a huge forest biome. There are a lot of different activities spread out all over the map which in some cases will send you away from the mansion and out on small simple adventures. For example, you can participate in a boat race, renovate one half of the mansion or search for a shipwrecks. It’s great for anyone who are looking for a fun adventure in an open-ended world.

Creator: MarmotteNapat MinecityUpdated: 1 September, 2017 (read changelog)

Here is a list of all the different activities in the map which you can spend your time doing.


20 Redstone Creations

This map includes 20 different redstone creations ranging everywhere from TNT traps to airplanes and TNT cannons. It’s mostly basic redstone structures but nonetheless useful ones. Some of them can only be built in creative mode since they require command blocks but most of them should be possible to build in a survival world.

Creator: Yellow fox


Boat On Ice Race

Get ready for some bobsledding in Minecraft! This is a racing map in which you will preferably compete against other players in a race on ice. You’re vehicle will be an ordinary boat which when placed on ice will slide and the real pros will be able to reach incredible speeds!

Creator: GameriluminatiI
Updated: 25 August, 2017 (bigger tracks)

This game is suited for anywhere between 2-5 players. It’s not your ordinary type of boat race. The main difference is that you will be traveling on ice! And as a result, you will be able to reach much higher speeds than ever possible in the water.

The main objective is to be the one to first reach the finish line and place down your wool block.

It’s a quite long track with several curves and obstacles.


Island Biomes

This is a custom made world which features 5 completely different islands with different biomes like desert, mesa, mushroom, plains, and an exotic biome. The world includes a large mountain and custom trees. It’s mainly that which makes it stand out compared to an ordinary seed world in Minecraft.

Also, the diamonds, emeralds and gold spawn rate has been increased from 5% to 10% so you can find them more easy. It’s a really cool world to explore!

Creator: I RedPenguin I, Twitter Account

Note from RedPenguin: 

The world is infinite but if you travel far into the ocean, you will find cut off chunks so beware of that. TheRedstoneCrafter taught me how to import PC worlds to PE. Huge Thanks to him!


Donkey Kong In MCPE

This minigame is based on the classic arcade game by the name of Donkey Kong. It’s a platform game where the player needs to jump over obstacles to get to the top and rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong. It’s a really well made minigame with some neat features to make it well worth playing.

Creator: The_Redstoneer (inspired by SethBling)

Press to button in the lobby to start the game. Jump over the minecarts which continuously come driving down the rails. The objective is to reach the top platform and press a button to complete the game.

If you get hit by one you’ll die immediately and have to start over.


Survival Delight

This is a huge custom terrain suitable for survival gameplay or other types of adventures. It includes several different biomes with custom trees, mountains and more. There’s a huge cavern somewhere under spawn so be careful when you start digging. If you are playing the map on a low-end device then make sure to turn down the render distance.

Creator: Tyler707 Proarcher

Important: You may use this world for your own creations as long as you give credits to the original creator (Tyler707 Proarcher).