One Night At Frankie’s Multiplayer Edition

This is the multiplayer version of the One Night’s At Frankie’s Freeroam minigame. The main difference is that there are two separate teams (animatronic vs night guard) whose main objectives are (depending on their roles) to either kill the other player or escape him from killing you. If you choose animatronic then you will be able to choose between four different ones.

Creator: CreeperGamerZXZ, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel

This map is optimized for two players. You begin the game by selecting whether you want to be an animatronic or a night guard. You can’t be on the same team as the other player since it’s a competitive map.

The players have different objectives depending on the role they selected.

The game ends at 05:00 AM and if the night guard is still alive at this point then he is the winner.


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