This map contains 9 different minigames which are most enjoyable to play together with friends. Most of them are Minecraft versions of games you’d find in the Olympics. Some of them are actually quite clever. For example, my favorites are javelin throw, archery and athletics 100m. You can expect somewhere around 30 minutes of gameplay but it mostly depends on how many people are going to play.

Creator: Ishan007

Archery: Take a bow and some arrows from the chests. Then take turns to shoot at the target. Make sure to note down everyone’s score.

Boat Race: Pick your boat and then pull the lever to start the race.

Javelin Throw: Take some arrows and a bow from the chests. The trick to hit the target is by shooting up into the air.

Horse Race: Sit down on a horse and then try to complete the track before anyone else.

Athletics 100m: Sprint as fast as you can!

There are a couple of more games to explore but those I’ll leave you to discover by yourself in-game.


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