Northern Industria

Northern Industria has been in development for more than half of a year. The final product is an amazing highway consisting of 4000 blocks which runs through a beautiful landscape of villages and other structures one would expect in the countryside of Minecraft. There are lots of details throughout the map which we highly encourage you to explore and discover for yourself!

Creator: chinesehorse

Here is one of the villages which you will come across if you follow the path of the highway. It’s a small town with some cool details such as a construction site.

All of the automatically generated terrain appears to have been taken into consideration while building the highway. Realistic bridges have been put in place to support the crossing of the highway.

Here you can see an expansive crossroads of where multiple highways collide.

A small gas station in the middle of nowhere.

One part of the highway crosses over a desert.

Sometimes you’ll come across other cars and trucks on the road. The Mine-Car Addon might be useful for this map!

Watch out!

Some firetrucks have arrived to a village which is on fire.

Important Notice: This map file is more than 150 MB and can take a lot of time for some people to load!


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