More TNT

This is a really cool redstone creation which adds 9 spawn eggs which for the most part spawns some type of destruction. Double TNTs, Nuke and even Lightning Bolt are some of the dangers you will be able to spawn by using the spawn eggs. This map is primarily meant as inspiration for ideas which you can implement in your own maps you are building.

Creator: Jhomes, Twitter Account

You can obtain the spawn eggs from the chest at spawn. If you break through the glass you can examine the different command blocks to get a better idea how things are connected.

By using a spawn egg you will be able to create all kinds of explosions. Here’s a double TNT explosion which was caused by the pig spawn egg. Remember to stay within a fairly close proximity of the command blocks, otherwise it might not work.

The Nuke is the most destructive explosion. It might lag your device so use cautiously.

Another cool item is the Thunder Bolt item which you can use to spawn thunder.

And yet another nifty item is the Clear Lag item which will kill all entities within a certain radius.


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