Minigames City

The Minigames City is a an amusement park with more than 15 different minigames you and your friends can enjoy. We highly recommend playing this map with other players seeing as most minigames require at least two players to be enjoyable. There are everything from archery games to boat races. You can expect at least one hour worth of gameplay here.

Creator: studofenfield, Twitter Account

Some of the games are completely new ones which I have never seen in Minecraft Pocket Edition before. This archery game is one of them. It’s really clever and probably lots of fun too.

Climb to the top of a tower and then compete with your friends in a boat race!

Here’s a PvP minigame which will most likely include some “heated” arguments!

King of the ladder is an intense minigame where you need to climb quickly and then push everyone else the top to become the winner.

There are lots more games to explore but I’ll leave you to do that by yourself in-game!


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