Metro / Subway

This map includes more than five different subway stations, a fully automatic system for departure and other processes to keep things moving smoothly and without interruptions. There is also a custom texture pack which adds signs such as arrows and similar to make it a more seamless and enjoyable experience. Redstone is an essential part of this build which automates nearly everything.

Creator: ondraczsk, Twitter Account

There are multiple subway stations which can be accessed from ground level. A custom texture pack includes some special textures for certain items. Down below you can see that the correct entrance doors are marked with green check marks.

Down in the subway you will find two tracks each heading in a different direction. Spawn a minecart by pressing the button, board it and then wait 5-10 seconds for departure. It’s automatic so you don’t have to do anything to get rolling.

The rails are always underground but the environment has been customized to make the trip more interesting and enjoyable.


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