Lucky Block Race

This is a multiplayer map which can be played by max three players. The objective is quite simple. Run through the course and destroy any lucky block which you come across. When you destroy one then something random happens. No one ever walks safe and that is what makes this a very exciting map to play!

Creator: TheDiamondDuplicator (Lucky Block Addon by Sprintermax, Cloudless Skies by keithross39)

Before starting switch to creative mode and take some lucky blocks (pig spawn eggs) from your inventory. Place one lucky block on each bedrock.

It can be played by max three players. Count down from 10 and then start running. You are never allowed to run past a lucky block. If you come across one then you must destroy it.

Mostly anything can happen when you destroy the block. Sometimes a dangerous mob spawns and other times you will get lots of valuable items.

The objective is to get to the end of the track and then type the teleport command to teleport to a platform where you will fight to death. The last man or woman standing is the winner.


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