Japanese Garden Arena

The Japanese Garden Arena is an awesome place to compete with your friends in battles to find out who is the best fighter. It has been specifically designed for 1 vs. 1 battles but you can also play it with bigger teams. The design of the arena is based on Asian architecture and it’s actually Luma’s (the creator) first time using that style to build. As a whole, it’s a pretty cool map.

Creator: Luma, Twitter Account

Begin by selecting a team (black or white) and teleport to your team’s location which is mentioned on the sign at spawn. Gear up and then stand on the pressure plate when you are ready. The gate will open as soon as at least one person on each time stand on the pressure plates.

Find a way to kill the other team. You are only allowed to bring one weapon into the arena.

As soon as one of the teams are dead then you can return to your team’s base by pressing the button.

There are two scoreboards (each on opposite sides of the arena) which you can look at to keep track of the current score. There are five rounds in the total.


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