Ghost City

The construction of Ghost City started almost one year ago by one person. Since then it has grown to one of the biggest cities in Minecraft Pocket Edition created only by hand. Every single structure in the city have beautiful details, colors and architectural designs.

There is also a great variety of areas. Everything from a gated community with expensive homes to properties like a hospital, a fire department and a whole foods market. There is something to see in every corner of the city and every once in a while you will come across amazingly creative creations (some of which you will see in the images further down).

Creator: Ajm399

Here is the Ghost City Fire Department. A fire truck is parked outside the garage.

The highway isn’t just a straight and boring highway. It got awesome details too, like this tunnel for example.

Here’s a little neighbourhood with some shops and an italian restaurant.

This looks to be a bulldozer shoveling some dirt to make room for a park.

The city encourages sports as it got its own baseball field.

Check-in to a hotel and take some time off chilling at the swimming pool.

Here’s the entrance to the gated community where all the expensive homes are.


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