Evasion is an adventure puzzle map which takes place in a maximum security prison. You were sent there after you got a little overconfident and decided to rob the National Bank of Minecraft. The objective at hand is to solve puzzles and make trades with other inmates to one day be able to escape the prison and reunite with your old gang on the outside. It’s definitely a fun experience and it’s supposedly based off a popular game called The Escapist.

Creators: GameFreak101YT, De Coolerd, captainfour4Updated: 26 July, 2017 (read changelog)

You were one part of one of the most powerful gangs in Minecraft. No one ever dared to mess with you, not even the cops! One day you decided to go alone and rob the National Bank of Minecraft. You fought for a long time but finally you were surrounded and the cops took you in custody. Soon after you were sentenced and sent away to a Maximum Security Prison.

But you don’t plan on staying there any long time. You’ve decided to work alongside the other prison mates to find ways to trade, fight and solve puzzles and ultimately escape this prison. Will you have what it takes to do this?

You can talk with other prisoners by stepping on the pressure plates. Often times they will have small missions which you can complete in exchange for something you need.



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