Elytra Challenge 2

This is the second map in a series of elytra challenges only available for version 0.17.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. There are five levels in total and each of them get gradually more difficult. It’s a fairly short map and most of you will probably find it easy to complete as it doesn’t include any insanely difficult obstacles. In other words, it’s a map for beginners.

Creator: Xnimates, Twitter Account

When first entering the map your player will be equipped with a pair of elytra wings. Simply jump into the air and then press the jump button one more time to activate the wings to start gliding. Try to follow through with the obstacle course by flying through the rings.

After completing one level you can type /spawnpoint in the text chat to get a checkpoint. If you fall down to the ground type /kill to start over and then take a pair of elytra wings from the chest and equip them in your chestplate slot.


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