DelisoJan’s Island Tycoon

This is a survival minigame which takes place on an island which you’ve been shipwrecked on. The only thing you’re left with are your own survival skills. Around the island there are bedrock blocks which require other blocks in order to construct important structures on the island. You’ll basically need to collect different resources to construct the structures.

Creator: DelisoJan, Twitter Account

The spawn is on a small island out in the ocean. Here you’ve been shipwrecked and now you need to use your survival skills to survive on the island.

Around the island you will find signs with instructions for the requirements for constructing important structures. In this case, I needed to get a hay bale and place it on the bedrock block to construct a farm.

It’s a really fun survival challenge where by the time you are done with it you will be the owner of a nice island with lots of different structures.


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