Craftmania isn’t just a city. It’s an entire country consisting of multiple cities and tons of areas to explore. It’s definitely one of the largest creation maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition. In the map you will be able to explore several towns, an amazing airport, army bases consisting of airports and missile bases. Even when you think you’ve seen it all there are still areas you’ve probably not even found yet.

Creator: LORD_CR4FT3R, WebsiteUpdated: 12 December, 2016 (read changelog)

Here’s a screenshot of city where you will be spawning. It’s a commercial area with skyscrapers, office complexes and hotels.

A large river parts the city in two areas. In the river you will find a submarine and some other large boats.

Farther away from the spawn there is a large suburban neighbourhood. The houses look identical and it’s quite likely this map was actually created using some type of map editor.

Even farther away you will find an enormous airport with more than 10 planes. It has even got realistic looking landing strips.

Quite close to spawn is a large harbor with big ships and lots of shipping containers.

Further out in the sea you will find big oil platforms.

All around the city there huge ships and cool submarines.

There are tons of more areas to explore but we’ll let you do that for yourself.


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