Working Command Block

This map features a huge command block creation which has similar functionalities to a normal command block. There are some limitations though. For example, you can only use a few different blocks and the building area is limited to a grid of 9 x 9 blocks. It’s still a pretty cool creation for anyone who have a basic understanding of command blocks.

Creators: Pastimeboy (Twitter), Jhomes (Twitter)

After entering the map you will find yourself on a small platform which works in sync with the platform on the ground. Any of the actions which happen on the small (or big) platform will be translated to the other platform.


New Slime Block Robots

This map features several robots which utilize blocks of redstone and slime blocks with piston mechanics to enable functionalities required for walking robots. They are not just limited to walking since they are also mounted with weapons which let them shoot TNT blocks at their enemies. There are six different robots in total and one of them is based on the Mech Master Nine Million in Minecraft Story Mode.

Creator: DaSchmitt/BobTheCreeper, Twitter Account

To start the engine for a robot find the part that has 3 observer blocks forming a small upside down triangle with their input side facing toward the player and another lone observer block above which has its input side facing you. Click the “Face” of the lone observer block with a flint & steel to activate the sticky piston and start the robot.


To stop it you can break the slime blocks being pulled by the sticky piston behind the observer which you activated or place an obsidian block in front of the slime blocks which are being pulled by the same sticky piston.

To activate the missile launcher make sure that you stopped the engine otherwise, it will mess up and from the engine/the designated cockpit, place a redstone block/redstone torch below or on the piston facing upward (toward the missile) with an observer on it’s face and it is important that you remove the redstone block or redstone torch that you placed after launching the missile before you start the engine again.


Working Functional Computer

This map featured a huge computer which is entirely powered by redstone and command blocks. It includes a few different features such typing, executing command lines and playing tic-tac-toe. It’s definitely one of the best looking and most advanced redstone computers so far created for the bedrock version of Minecraft.

Creator: Pastimeboy, Twitter Account

You’ll spawn in an office with some bookshelves, a chair and a computer. Don’t worry though, there are much more to see than this!

Press the button next to the computer to access the enormous redstone computer.

Turn on the computer by pressing the green (left) on button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can type things and have them appear on screen by stepping stepping on the different keyboard keys (pressure plates).

This is the “Word” feature which allows you to write text on the computer. You can reset the computer screen by turning the computer off and then on.

Another cool feature is the command line feature. Simply type a command (e.g. /night) to set the time to night.

You need to execute the command by pressing the return button in order to get it to work.


10 Redstone Contraptions for Houses

This map features 10 different redstone contraptions which all would be a useful addition to most houses. The including structures are everything from hidden entrances, a shower to mob farm. Basically anything which can improve the overall gameplay and your chances for surviving. It’s also fairly easy to review each structure and get a better grasp of the involved redstone.

Creator: TypicalUsername9708

Hidden Entrance: Hide your most precious items with a hidden entrance. You can make it so that the hidden entrance leads into another room where you keep your blocks or items.

Shower: There’s nothing like a shower after a long day of mining.

Chicken Mob Farm: Get an infinite food supply of eggs!

There are 7 more redstone creations but those I’ll let you explore in-game!


Working Quarry (Command Blocks)

This is a useful command block creation which lets you spawn a quarry machine which will automatically mine an area of 7×7 blocks and collect the item into a chest. Since it’s using command blocks it’s only possible to use this for worlds where you can enable creative mode since it’s required for obtaining the command blocks.

Creator: Jhomes, Twitter Account

Press the button on the side of the command block machine to spawn a chest. The chest contain the necessary items which you will need for spawning the quarry. Use the quarry (cow) spawn egg to build the quarry.

Then toggle the lever on the command block machine to start mining the blocks. All of the mined blocks will drop down the hopper into the chest. You can stop the machine from mining by using simply using the same lever again.


Redstone Neighborhood

This map features one large house built in a flat plains landscape with lots of beautiful terrain surrounding it. Most parts of the house include some type of redstone mechanisms. For example, the garage doors can be opened and closed and the bathroom has a fully working shower (and it’s nothing similar to what I’ve ever seen before).

Since it’s called the Redstone Neighborhood you can most likely expect more houses to fill up the surrounding area in the future!

Inside each garage you will find two buttons which you can use to open or close the garage doors.

The TV can be turned on and off by the use of the remote controller (also known as button positioned on top of the couch). You can also toggle the lights.

The bathroom is my favorite part of the house. It’s nothing better than a nice shower after a long day of hard work!

There’s also a kids room. It doesn’t have any impressive redstone functionalities but it definitely looks pretty nice.



This map supposedly includes all the different sounds which are included in the original version of the game (meaning, no external resource packs are required). You can play each sound by pressing a button on a command block and there are signs with information about each sound. It’s especially useful for map makers who want to add sounds to their own maps.

Creator: krivas

As soon as you’ve spawned you will find tons of command blocks. There is a button on each block which when pressed will play the sound. You can check the command required for playing the sound by pressing the command block.

Here’s a short video which briefly shows how it works in-game.


10 Advanced Redstone Creations

This map includes 10 different advanced redstone creations. Some of them are essential to build at some point in time since they will allow you to more easily keep track of the different items you’ve collected throughout your life span in Minecraft. Redstone is pretty much the key to reach maximum efficiency and to be able to much quicker reach the End (in a positive way).

Creator: RedstonePhantom

Wardrobe: Mix up your choice of colors for the day! Use the arrows to select among a wide range of dyed armors, step into the wardrobe and then press the button to automatically get dressed. Imagine if this existed in real life.. it would really make life so much easier!

Industrial Elevator: This is a fully automated elevator and it appears to be completely bug free. You can even call the elevator in case the door is closed simply by pressing a button.

Massive Auto Storage: Have you ever got to a point where you’ve collected more items than you ever think you’d need? Well, then it’s time to build an automatic storage machine.

Drop the items into the input chest and then have them automatically sorted in different containers. You can later get whatever items you want by pulling the levers to select them and then take them from the output chest.


Basic Paint

This is a really cool command block creation for anyone who likes to paint. It works much similar to MS Paint in that sense that you will be able to select among a wide range of colors and then use a paint brush to paint. However, it can sometimes be a little bit tricky seeing as you need to throw the paint at the canvas (similarly to throwing snowballs) and sometimes you might miss.

Creator: Jhomes, Twitter Account

Press the button on the side of the command block creation to spawn the chest which contains the three different paint tools.

Then make sure to select a color for the paint brush.

Use the Spawn Canvas item by tapping on the ground anywhere that you want to spawn it. Then use the paint brush similarly to throwing a snowball to splash some paint on the canvas.  You can return to the command block creation at any time to select a new color. Just make sure not to forgot to disable the previous color.


12 Useful Farms in Survival Mode

All of the following farms can be built in a survival world. However, it does require quite a bit of effort to obtain the necessary blocks and items to get one up and working. There are both semi-automatic farms and ones which are entirely automated, meaning no human intervention is necessary to keep some of them going and producing.

Creator: MDS Minecraft, Twitter Account, YouTube

The farms included are a cow farm, sugarcane farm, villager breeder, melon and pumpkin farm, wheat/potato/carrot/beetroot farm, XP farm, cocoa beans farm, nether wart farm, flower farm, cactus farm and a tree farm.