Rugged Jungle Mansion

This mansion is the perfect base for anyone who want to own their own huge mansion situated in a jungle. It has lots of room to fit plenty of people. One unusual (but a bit funny) part of the house is a village which is situated on the inside of the house. Yes, this sounds a bit strange but that’s the case. At least then you are never alone as you will always have villagers around you.

Creator: Goreckicraft123, Twitter Account

Inside this enormous mansion you will find six big rooms. Some rooms have been built for specific purposes, like this enchantment room.

You are never very far from the Nether. Just go to the Nether room and enter the portal to go there.

One room is designed just for farming. This is to make sure that anyone who lives in the mansion is always kept fed and happy.

One big part of the mansion is the “inside village” which is situated inside the mansion and protected by a glass roof.


Modern Mansion

This map features a big modern mansion. It has loads of luxurious things most of you probably can only dream of. Some including a basketball court, multiple swimming pools and enough rooms to host an entire tribe of villagers. It’s the perfect start out point if you want to live as a wealthy miner in the world of Minecraft. The entire mansion is surrounded by a big wall so you don’t have to worry about any monsters either.

Creator: JoshVs, Twitter Account


Star Wars Theme Park

The Star Wars Theme Park is an amazing map to experience, especially if you are a big fan of Star Wars. There are loads of things to explore and experience. Everything from roller coasters to minigames. The design and layout of the theme park is just surprisingly impressive. To really get an idea of what this map offers check out the images further down, you’ll love it!

Creator: AdventureGamingHQ, Twitter Account

Here’s the Darth Vader roller coaster which is one of many attractions to try out.

Some attractions are just for the looks, like this ferris wheel.

Go for a ride around the Star Destroyer or enter the spaceship and have a look at the interior.

Endor Search is a little minigame where you need to find some different places.

iOS Warning: A couple of iOS users have reported that this doesn’t work for their devices! It might crash on your device!



The development of DeepOceanCity has been in progress for over two months. Today is the first release and this is without doubt one of the best cities we’ve reviewed. The city is situated on relatively small island far out in the ocean. On a very little area the builder have been able to fit many different types of creations. A shipyard, a beach with a boardwalk and a ferris wheel, skyscrapers, lots of fine homes and everywhere just beautiful details.

Creator: ethanBawesome, Twitter Account

Here’s a beach with a nice boardwalk which features a ferris wheel, a roller coaster and more.

The shipyard got loads of containers and just a little further out in the sea is an anchored ship.

The bridge doesn’t yet lead anywhere else than to the city. It’s likely it will be connected with another island in the future but at this point we can’t confirm anything.

Along the shoreline there are lots of beautiful (and probably expensive) houses.

The details are almost overwhelming. Here you can see some sewers and a bus. There are lots of things like this which really makes everything so much more impressive!

Another fine home.

The latest update include some new houses, skyscrapers, a large ship, a train station and more.


18th Century Ships

Here is a map which features 7 majestic ships built and inspired by the 18th century era. Almost every large ship of that time was in some way armed no matter whether it was used for commerce or war. Every ship in this map is armed with cannons. Unfortunately they aren’t actually working but they do look very realistic.

Creator: Dirtyender, Twitter Account

This ship looks like a gallivat which was primarily used by pirates in the Indian Ocean, but it’s hard to say for sure, primarily because we aren’t experts on ships!

The next ship looks like a barque because of its square sails.

And this must be an English ship or maybe a better guess would be a Knights Templar ship.


GTA San Andreas

This is a ported map from PC which is a replica of San Andreas in Minecraft. It’s only the center of Los Santos which appears to have made its way into the creation as other parts of the city is non-existent.

The creation is spot on and resembles just the way it looks in San Andreas. As an old GTA player it was surely a nostalgic trip which we are sure anyone with the slightest familarity with the game will enjoy!

Creator: Unknown (this is an old port)

Here is Grove Street with Carl Johnson’s house and garage on the left.

Big Smoke (you know, the overweight and crazy guy always talking about food) lives in this house next door to Carl’s.

Ganton Gym, a popular hangout for gangsters.

A couple of typical apartment complex blocks.

Cluckin’ Bell and their funny jingle: Cock a doodle doo it’s time for chickin’! Cock a doodle doo it’s time for a feast! Eat a 90 piece bucket you can tell.. he’s been to Cluckin’ Bell!

The stadium!

Vagos hangout.


Stampy’s Lovely World PE

Stampylonghead is a popular YouTuber on Minecraft for PC with millions of subscribers. In this map you will be able to experience the same world in which Mr. Stampy Cat has played in during his adventures in Minecraft.

While the buildings in the world aren’t of any extraordinary looks it still brings nostalgia and old memories to anyone who has been a devoted follower of the popular YouTuber.

It consists mostly of a couple of houses, shops and restaurants. As it’s built in an old world type of Minecraft the world is limited to 256×256 blocks in size.

Creator: xjaymanx12